Hehehehe elfherding...
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That was satisfyingly fun. *smile* I got to run around stabbing things and elf-herding. Kadin's got a little lowbie alt that he hopped onto and we went on the truly annoying elf starter quest where you have to go underground and collect four items - those of you who WoW know what I'm talking about, yes? Anyway, we did that. The whole thing takes place underground in this maze of tunnels and bridges and walkways, and has lots of creatures close enough that often when fighting one, another will come over to help. You really can't solo this quest, not at any level where it'd still give you good XP, so it was good to have Kadin's priest along...

...except Kadin was drunk. VERY drunk. *snicker* And kept charging off into the thick of battle, with me playing a rogue who couldn't always get enough aggro off him to keep him alive. It was utterly hilarious, and yeah, I enjoyed the hell outa myself. I haven't gotten to just goof around online with him in far too long.

At the moment, Torian and I are talking over details regarding her flight to/from the USA in April. There are two wire hamster wheels going, so there's nonstop squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak in my ear, which is somewhat unsettling, but nice at the same time 'cos it means my hamsters are alive and ok. It's 7am, and I'm realizing that I should be asleep. Sleep would be a good thing; I haven't gotten any yet and I'm starting to get sleepy. However, since Cate and Becca are usin' the bed and the inflatable bed doesn't do good things for my back, I suspect I'm going to be up for a while yet.

It's tempting to head down to the crepe place and get myself a kiwi italian soda and just relax for a while. Dun' really like going out alone, at the moment, and I can't carry my stuff without the assurance that there will be someone else carrying it back up and whenever I need it out of the car. I can get it down the stairs but anything else.. yeah.

Which reminds me, I'll be looking for a new doctor in earnest on Monday. I should have done it before now, but we were waiting until we paid off all the bills to start in on medical shit again. Now that we're caught up, I can go get us in debt. *mutter* I'm not really looking forward to it, but I seriously need to get back on my meds before my back locks up completely and my kidneys start malfunctioning and I go all seizure-girl.


shivamd: You seem to have a lot of plans regarding me, are you sure you're gonna manage them all in a week?
thatstrangegyrl: *smile* Hell no.
thatstrangegyrl: But anything I don't get to do will just have to be done the NEXT time you're here. ^.^
shivamd: What DO you want to do?
thatstrangegyrl: Spank you, tie you up on a st. john's cross, introduce you to Melee, have Angel come stay overnight while you're here, ideally have that be a night when Kadin was here too (he may be coming through this part of the world in April too), take you to a lovely lebanese restaraunt here and have you critique it, take you to the chinese garden so you can see it in spring...
thatstrangegyrl: ...use up some of that clove oil, show you the new trick I learned with the electric paddle, take you to Rocky, take you down to the coast for a day...
thatstrangegyrl: ...go out to Rooster Rock if it's warm enough and go play in the river, it's a nude beach and is simply beautiful...
thatstrangegyrl: ...let you hold hamsters, try out an inkwork pattern that I am waiting to try on you before I put it on anyone else, since it was inspired by a couple of your pictures...
thatstrangegyrl: ...possibly have you come with me while I get my Very First Ever Tattoo if I can get the nerve and the money at the same time...
thatstrangegyrl: ...oh, and we need to go to the Newport aquarium!
thatstrangegyrl: And the Portland Art Museum.
thatstrangegyrl: *stops, out of breath*
shivamd: We can manage all that in a week, I think.

...I love my life. *happy Jax*

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