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I can't put all of this into words yet. It'll be days, weeks, before I'm ready for that. Some of it, of course, is already written and just waiting for the moment. Some of it needs to be polished, some of it is still pre-syllable. But it's here.

My artwork.
My writing.
The pack.

For the first time in my life, I know what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, why I'm here. For the first time in my life, I can SEE.

I can't find the words for all of it yet, and I'm working on the images but they go slowly. It's all here, though, and I'm not letting go. Cate's touched it, the rest will see it soon, and this... this is a cause I could fight for. This is a cause I could give my life for.

I feel the way the Founding Fathers must have felt, signing the declaration of independence. I feel the way Ben Franklin must have felt, when he realized what electricity was, what it could do. I feel the way I felt the first time I had an orgasm, the first time I kissed someone who mattered to me, the first time I tasted someone else's tears.

There are a few things I need to write down NOW.

First, Radu: I called you tonight, you said you were working and would call me back. You completely failed to do so. I'm done. I'm not going to try to pass along the messages, I'm not going to expect to hear from you, I'm not going to be the one left behind.

If you truly wish to have your name written in stone, to have it said of you that you walked beside the gods, to become legend... Radu, each time you call me I will ask you one question: Are you at the Portland airport ready to be picked up? Until the answer is 'Yes, Mistress', I will hang up and not speak to you further. You'll come to me on your knees or you'll not come back at all.

Second, Torian: You know the cell number. I won't be making diaryland posts on this account regularly for a while, I suspect. I'll give you the new name, if there is a new name, or I'll just post vague things here. Keep in touch with me, love. I am NOT hiding from you, I have something big in the works and I'm not going to let myself flake off and miss this. April is still a go, don't worry about that. If you don't talk to me for 24 hours, call the cell phone and keep calling until you get ahold of me or Cate.

Third, Angel: Selia, I may come out your way sometime in the next week. I'll come bearing quite a few things; fliers, leaflets, signs, information, and a request for your aid. Your art, specifically. Here's a challenge for you: design a logo. Prometheus, female, stealing a new fire from new gods. Give me something nice and sharp. This isn't an idle request, beloved; I'm going to be staking my reputation, my career, my life, on this. I've seen what I need to do and I know I can't do it alone.

When I come down, I may not be able to give you more than a few hours' warning. I'll be down long enough to explain a bit, to tell you what I'm doing and more important, why, and then I'll be stopping by my parents' house.

After I've talked with them, which may involve me staying the night, I will be going back into Portland.

I won't ask you to come with me; your heart is on the coast and that's where it belongs. I will ask, if what I say makes sense, that you aid me. I could really use your skills. Thing is, if you do, you won't be invisible any more. You'll end up on tv, radio, newspapers... think about that for a while, see if you'd be able to handle it, before I talk to you next.

Rhett: when this gets going and you start seeing my name, if you come across this (and I'm sure you will), yes, I would like you to be here.

Kadin: the same goes for you, of course. I won't lure you down here with daydreams, and I won't expect you to believe me the first few times I tell you what I'm doing. But... once it hits the news, if you're interested, there is a place for you here. Remember that.

Nreshan: you know my offer to you still stands as well. If you start seeing my name in the news, or hear whispers of Prometheus, and you're interested... come to me. I will always have a place for you.

I'd always wondered why I led the life I did, why I'd had the problems, the stresses, the revelations, the gifts, the terrors... all of it, ALL of it, it's come together. Yes, I'm writing this vague, it's not something I want to try to put out until I'm doing it on every channel at once. You'll know, though. When it happens, you'll know, kids.

Welcome to the future.

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