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The little ones are asleep in the spare room; we've moved the cushion from their papasan chair and the one from ours in there, padded the gaps with spare blankets, and they're curled up on this makeshift bed looking adorable.

The girl and I have plans for the weekend, and ideally for today as well. Mind you, the ones for today require Cate to be able to take a several-hour break from work in the middle of the day, so I'm not really counting on them. We've been trying to get out to a waterfall for a while now... no, the explanation for 'why' wouldn't make much sense to anyone else, nor does it particularly matter. Suffice it to say that for personal and semi-spiritual reasons, the delay is frustrating.

Tomorrow... heh. Tomorrow I'll be trying my best to work a way through some of the barriers in her head, as it were. Unfortunately, this IS going to cause drama. Why?

a) her partner-in-crime will be present - I insist on it, actually. He's the one most interested in this aspect of her life and the one who most needs her unblocked and in one piece, plus for what I have in mind I know she'll end up being much happier if she has someone's hand to hold.

b) the boy ideally would NOT be there. As the place I'd thought of for him to go yesterday if it was needed (and it was in fact yesterday that we'd originally planned to do this) won't be applicable Saturday, odds are good that he WILL be present somewhere in the house. He... to say he doesn't think much of the fellow coming over would be an understatement. So he's going to be jealous, defensive, worried about the girl, and generally a walking ball of negative emotions that is going to seriously fuck with things. There IS a solution to that...

c) I can send him deep enough into subspace that NOTHING will seriously bother him. The down side to this is that I really don't want him associating that mental state with unpleasant things happening to others, nor do I think it would be easy to snap him back out of it afterward. Complications and drama.

I'm also somewhat worried about Cate; long story there too, boils down to the fact that I haven't been attentive enough... in fact, pretty much the same reason I'm worrying about Torian. *mutter* Trying to get the girl settled and keep the boy from fragmenting further - yes, I'm trying NOT to have him fragment, as I'm sure some of you know this is not a tack I'm used to taking - health problems, making sure Cate gets at least a bit of affection and attention, hamster woes... oh yeah, speaking of that, we have no more baby teddy bear hamsters, and are down to three baby dwarf hamsters. On the bright side, now we can feed Ebil to Kaa. We are all happy about that.

Where was I? Fuck it, I'm not coherant enough to write much more, I'm going to call it an entry and go beat my head against a wall until I figure out how to make Saturday work out well enough that we can all get to Rocky afterward. I'm supposed to be backstage this week doing makeup; wtf, universe? So yeah. Sorry if I'm not being incredibly attentive or even online. Yes, odds are good calling will catch me in the middle of one thing or another. I'll be hoping that next week is calmer.

Oh, and I can't find my potato chips.

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