I Won't Forget These Days
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Incidentally, for those who haven't figured it out, we're having computer problems. The main computer we use as a server kinda bit the dust and the huge external drive that had been host to dxmtrip.com is also somewhat toast. Cate's working on it and says we'll be getting everything back, it'll just take a couple more days. As she only got the extra parts she needed sometime yesterday that's understandable. So yeah, lots of shiny pictures gone and as my gold member subscription to diaryland is expired my graphics are going to look aweful...

...and I can't upload the new cards for my deck and link 'em here unless I go post them on deviantart. I am far too lazy for that right now. Mm, I can smell the steaks - they've been properly browned and are now simmering in peach mead, worchestershire sauce, bacon grease, and assorted spices including plenty of pepper and a couple of bay leaves. They should be tender and tasty by the time I dish 'em up. Gods, it's nice to be far enough out of pain that I can do things like cook on a regular basis. Yay for opiates. *sigh*

Oh, and Cate found a random bottle of clove oil I didn't know I had. *wicked grin*

To those that I should be emailing (and especially to Matt *huggle*) you have my apologies - I'm trying to be on my feet and active for at least an hour or two each day and even with the meds, once I'm done I've been pretty much collapsing and catching up on sleep. I'm also kind of holding at pre-seizure state and have to be careful about how much time I spend staring at a screen; some things online seem to set off twitches and vision problems. Meh. Anyway, yes, still alive, still here, still drowning in hamsters.

Speaking of hamsters, miss Clove seems to have gotten into something not-so-good when running around. We're guessing a dropped pill that none of us noticed, which is sadly something that happens fairly often - the dropping, not hamsters getting into it, the rest of the hamsters won't even go NEAR most of my meds, they get one whiff of them and turn around making adorable little do-not-want faces. But yeah, Clove's kinda freaking out and a bit dehydrated, so we've put her back in a box, put the box in the tub so even though she's been chewing through the corners she can't really go anywhere, and she's recovering nicely.

Oh, a question: Did you happen to misplace a ring and a pendant up here in a little black zip-up travel bag? They're both dragon-motif and I've taken quite a liking to the ring, but if it's yours and you need it back, just say the word. *scratches the ring-dragon lightly, then pets its' wings*

Mmm, I need to go check on the steaks so I think I'll just end this here.

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