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People used to talk about the Revolution. Change was a-comin', there was no doubt that something Had To Be Done, there were new hopes and new frontiers and always the hope that Tomorrow Would Be A Brighter Day.

That's not how it works. Talk doesn't do a damn thing, and eventually people get tired of talking, stop even dreaming, hoping, and things just. Plod. Onward. Same damn days lived over and over again, no change, no drive, it's like the whole world is a broken record.

We've talked here, too. Lots of plans, lots of hopes for the future, goals, dreams, you name it we've got it. SO far, yes. Most of it is talk.

Not ALL of it is talk, though. Each conversation, each day, each little step, moves us closer. We've got a timeline. We know where we're going and more importantly, we know WHY we're going there.

There are actually quite a few reasons, but at the moment, there's only one that's got my attention: someone has to take the next steps, wake the world up, make sure we're still here when someone makes whatever mistake it is that takes most of us mammalian meatsacks off the face of the planet. *shrug* A lot of people say they want to help the human race. I don't, honestly. I think the human race as it stands now has gone as far as it's going, and it's about damn time it Darwined itself out of the way for the next step up on the evolutionary ladder. Thing is, I DO want to help that new form of sentience, want to ensure that we go upward as is necessary for survival.

And (here's the part where I lose most people, so dun' worry, I'm not expecting you to agree with me) I think that my Pack is part of this embryonic new state. I'll never try to prove it, never argue it with anyone, never really care if anyone else agrees - no, seriously. I'd much rather the rest of the world just ignored us, left us alone. If we're not part of this change, then hey, I'm just a crazy cat lady who isn't harming anything; if we ARE, then I sure as hell don't want the monkeys catching wind of it. *wry grin* In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man isn't king, he's hunted and hated and eventually killed.

*shrug* So yeah. Add that to the long long list of reasons why I dun' update as often as I once did. A lot of what happens is Pack business these days, and just like most well-behaved people don't air family problems in public, I try to keep Pack issues within the Pack, or at the very least only discussed with a few people who I trust and respect. While I'm on this subject, here's a new set of words to go in our dictionary, sisterlove:

fik'annah - any Society which has grown large enough to require Government, Military, and Religion to control its' members. Particularly this focuses on such a Society which expects its' members to conform not only to laws and commands but also to unwritten moral codes, expectations, and popular opinion, as well as restricting the flow of information and prizing conformity over education and intelligence. (Root words include fikos, terrifying badness, and annahme, resigned to fate.)

alekeal - the idea that to be true to Self and Pack is of more importance than conforming to the laws, moral codes, and expectations of any Society which could be described as fik'annah. (Root words include akea, disgust, alea, too much, and 'a, to/at/toward.)

alekeen - anyone who would be deemed a traitor by the rules of such a Society, particularly anyone who has consciously chosen to put Self and Pack before Society AND has acted on this decision in a reasonable, thoughtful manner. (Root words include those of alekeal as well as ene, attack.)

nabyn - The masses who willingly live within fik'annah and seek to continue both the Society in question and their existence within it at all costs. (Short form of na'bynan, lit. "Not Spiritually Alive".)

Four more for the book. *wry grin* I'll be adding them to mine as soon as you ok 'em - I trust your intuition on these as much as I trust mine, if not more.

I've got Seven playing on TV, letting it kinda lull me into sleep - yeah, horror flicks do tend to make me content and somewhat drowsy. I've got the MRI of my back scheduled for 6:00pm, an appointment to see Dr. Grainger day after, and I see the new neurologist on the 28th. *shrug* I'm trying not to be overly optimistic about the whole thing, dun' want to get my hopes up, but I will say that this is moving faster than I'd been used to and I do actually HAVE hope, a pleasant change.

I'm out. Catch ya later, cats and kittens.

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