How is it possibly this busy?
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So freakin' much to do and keep track of... gah. I feel like my brain's melting. Need to get the package mailed off, need to get the websites back up, need to call the doctor, need to sort out what's necessary to get once the check clears - speaking of which, we got the check from the stock sale a couple of days ago but it takes a week to clear since it's so big (no, it doesn't make sense to me either, but that's how the bank is doing it), and so we are in the interesting position of being both rich and broke at the same time. I wish I knew someone able and willing to loan us a couple hundred dollars for about four days. *mutter* Anyway, need to feed kaa, the hamster cages need cleaning, I've got doctor bills due, we need to actually pick a date for the big Coast Trip we're planning and finish scheduling/sorting out all of the details on it, the house needs another round of cleaning, and I have got to make sure that Tiana gets back to the obgyn for an ultrasound ASAP. Oh, and the setup for the rituals isn't quite finished yet, and that needs to be taken care of pretty immediately too. Argh.

If I seem insanely grouchy or unavailable right now, I apologize - until the check has cleared, the house is cleaner, and I've seen the neurologist so I can actually get back on tramidol, I'm going to continue being in this state. I really hope Cate and Max get back soon, I want to get the hell out of the house for a few hours, try at least for that long to pretend I don't have to be responsible.

Also, maybe seeing her again will change my opinion of the little weeaboo, but I'm not holding my breath. She still sets my hackles on edge just to think about, and dear gods, Kim won't be there tonight, oi. Maybe I should warn Max to come armed. *wry grin*

Ehh, at least while I'm sitting outside I can start work on the written parts of the ceremony and the contents of the tricken bags, assuming the Book is still in the car.

Yes, I have a headache, why do you ask?

Don't worry, we're braced for trouble, there's a storm coming and we can all feel it. Watch your back as well, sister-mine. The storm will hit us all. If you need us, just call, and we'll be there. Don't trust the mutt to guard you, btw. Anything he's been protecting, I suggest you double your wards on. Trouble's heading his way as well, trouble of a different sort, and there's no certainty he'll be able to keep up any wards for long.

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