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So yeah, right now I am so furious with Nyha that there aren't even words for it. She has utterly flaked. She has failed for MONTHS to either try and get a job or do cleaning here in the house. She has wandered off to fuck random people (and I do mean random, half the time it's people she met online only a few days before, occasionally it's people she met IRL only a few days before, and if it IS someone she knows, it's the flakiest, craziest one of the lot). She has neglected her ferret, cost us literally thousands of dollars to have her here... she has never, NEVER, followed through completely on anything. FURIOUS.

Unless Cate or I find a job within a month, maybe two at most, we'll have to sell the condo. With the market in such a horrible slump, and with the fact that we'd have to repair the hole in the wall, clean/replace the carpet, clean every single room, get the fake fireplace fixed... yeah. It would be hellish trying to get back even half of what we paid for this place.

Tiana's living with us because she doesn't really have anywhere else to go. Ditto Max. Ditto Kim until she found a fucktoy stupid enough to let her live with him. Dammit, she has let us down so fucking often, and this... this, doing this without even talking about it, what the fuck? And then when I called to ask her about it, she lied to me. ARGH.

So we're moving her stuff down to the basement. Maybe we know someone who could afford to pay rent to live in the semi-spare room. I don't know. I'm frustrated, I'm hurting, I'm worrying about losing the house, I don't know where Matt or Tiana would go, they've both got PYB so they have to stay at least somewhere close to that. I was trying not to stress about this while Matt was here, even though Miss Bitchypants decided to spend an entire fucking month away from the house, only coming back to tidy up a VERY little bit for a couple of hours. Not once has she ever worked on cleaning for more than one day. Not once has she managed to do what she agreed to do, actually CLEAN the house. Never. I'm giving up. We're not going to take in any more strays. We're not going to even hope someone else will follow through on their promises. I don't know what'll happen to Max and Tiana but dear gods I am so fucking worried and pissed off right now I'm having a hard time caring.

I want to scream, to cry, to... I don't know what. To do something.

I'm going to work on writing. That, at least, I can do without trying to leave the house. Every time I go up and down those damned stairs it feels like my spine is being ripped out. *twitch* This sucks so damned much. And Cate's in as much, or even worse at times, pain than I am. She's got a doctor appointment on Tuesday... until then, I guess we both just suffer through it.

We're going to have to live carefully.

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