Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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It's Christmas at ground zero... *chuckles softly* ...yeah, Christmas Day.

Here at Dixon Household we did our Christmas Stuff, the whole presents-and-stockings thing, on Christmas Eve so that we could sleep in today, then do a lazy fancy dinner, and sit around talking, drinking, watching old movies, whatever, until we were tired enough to sleep... which really doesn't take too long, after a nice big dinner. Caleb and I are going out shopping tomorrow, since I just got the money-from-relatives that I use for Christmas Shopping when I'm broke, and he didn't do any shopping since trying to lug a lot of gifts on the plane would be pretty hellish. We're gonna hit a lot of the little Gresham stores, which are pretty un-crowded and courtesy of the recession, have KILLER prices even before the after-Christmas sales are added on. *grin*

Yes, Caleb being home is a VERY good thing.

And I've only thrown up twice since he's gotten here. *almost amused*

The nausia is still here, still pretty bad. I'm no longer sure this is just the standard first-trimester queasy... not when you tack on the NASTY fever I had last night. 102.5 by my thermometer, the last of my disposables - I need to get a new thermometer or another handful of the throwaway ones. But yeah, NASTY-arse fever for a few hours, which is generally NOT something associated with this particular malady. But I'm over it mostly now, and am suspecting that I just caught a three-day flu somewhere. I hope.

Tomorrow is Shopping Day, then depending on how much rest and sleep Ryan gets after his friend's all-night birthday/drinking party, Friday evening may be Sushi Night. If not Friday, then Saturday.

And I still haven't found my phone card... but but BUT! My mom gave me a HUGE phonecard as part of my Christmas gift, and so now I'm just trying to calculate times. The first person I call with it is going to be Torian, who I have been wanting and intending to call for over a week now, and I point-blank REFUSE to use it for anyone else until I've called him. *sends hugs to her cat*

After that... I'm going to get in touch with Daris, spend some time talking with my kitten (and likely give Facade a bit of time to talk with nanashi), see if I can't say hello to Talia and Hida somehow, and DEFINITELY give Rhett a ring. *poing*

Ooh ooh ooh! List o' things I got - not a complete list, but a few of the REALLY amazing things: a handmade pottery mask that I absolutely adored the moment I saw it but thought was a present for someone else... a Kiki-poing shirt and a stuffed Kiki, Kiki of course being the ferret from Sluggy Freelance... a collar-and-tether that is half mine, half Ryan's, and VERY nifty, and which Clint or Malice will eventually be commissioned to put a locking buckle on... a cd-playing walkman, which I have been wanting and needing for a long time (I listen to CDs when I'm going under the needle, and until now have had to borrow a player from Robert and/or my mother)... a bunch of different pens, including glitterpens meant for black AND white paper, some tattoo gelpens, and a handful of assorted-color sharpie pens... nice warm black gloves... nifty glass-and-metal boxes for my altar... a Rufus Wainwright CD given to me by another Alex, which is amusing since it was this Alex who introduced me to Rufus Wainwright and who I miss terribly...

...yeah, it's been a VERY kickass Christmas.

It could be better. It COULD be a Christmas where I wake up Christmas morning, pile out of the huge bed shared by at least four other people, maybe more... we all tumble downstairs, kissing and hugging on the way, and end up sitting around a lopsided but still very beautiful tree, opening presents, drinking sparkling cider, happy 'cause we are all together... yes, I wish Kadin and Torian were here.

But Caleb is here, and Ryan is, if not HERE, close enough that I saw him a couple days ago and will see him in a couple days from now, and it all works out.

Gods, but it's good to have Caleb here. Last night... just feeling his arms around me, snuggling against him... nothing in the world quite matches that feeling. I love my boys, all of them... they each are important to me, and irreplacible... but Caleb... yeah.

Ish a Caleb, and Calebs are nifty.

I'm seriously looking forward to Friday/Saturday. *grin* I wanna see if I'm right about Ryan and Caleb. I think I am... but then, I usually think I'm right.

Gonna wander off... I ate half my dinner, then got queasy, and am now gonna see if I can at least LOOK at the other half without throwing up. *wry grin* If not... ehh, there's sparkling cider, and gelpens, and a comfortably cool bed, and a Caleb.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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