*hugely geeky grin* BESM my arse. Bring on the smut!
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So Caleb and I were fooling around with some of his old RPG books - Inari got me in the mood for this kind of geekery again recently with the translation of Nanashi to the Exalted gaming system (Yes, Ryan, Nanashi ish now a Lunar Exalted. With Ferret form.) and as we were being snuggly and killing time and a bit tipsy... well, gaming happens. *grins*

Anyway, the idea came up of something truly terrifying... and for those of you who are at all familiar with the Palladium system, you'll understand why I must write up the following tables to roll on at character creation and make a pretty good guess at what kind of game this is gonna be. Yes, I already have a storyline in mind. Now it's just a question of finding people willing to play online who can all be online at the same time.

These are designed to be used with the 'victim' level of play - just a one-shot game session but I can see creating sequals. The whole thing is set in a very hentai-style high school... where everyone is playing what seems, from the setting, to be a girl of all of 14-15 years of age, but which we politely disclaim as being 18-and-older to anyone who cares. Those of us who are sick-minded perverts can, of course, feel free to skip the disclaimer.

Anyway, on to the nifty descriptions!

Porn Tricks

This can include everything from deep-throating to awkward positions, a knack for tit-fucking, or just some interesting things you can do with your pussy. Popular variations include smoking a cigarette with it - you rebel, smoking at your age - or projectile-firing small objects such as ping-pong balls; if the latter, you always carry a supply of several nicely-weighted such objects with you. You know, just in case.


How your family sees you - do they know you're a slut? Have they disowned you? Adore you? Actively participate, and if so, who does who? ...yes, we want details. :)


Obviously, no matter your age, you're at least somewhat attractive, the question is in what way. Are you all curves? Slender, coltish? Big-breasted, big-bodied? Are you the shy, geeky type? Flirty sports girl with long, muscled thighs? Baby-girl, that sweet innocent look?


What's your standing? Class clown, class slut, part of the In Group, a loner, part of a gang? Setting trends, following them, or proudly rebelling? How wide is your social circle? This will affect how likely others are to listen to your advice and how likely a stranger is to focus on you first when she's stalking your clique with a camera, a gun, or just a strap-on and a few spare bottles of massage oil.


The addendum to peers - do you have someone crushing on you? Secret or un-secret, this person can potentially provide support and aid (or just another useful set of hands and a... ahem) in a crisis. Unfortunately, the sort of person following you around will affect your social standing; if you're a popular partygoer and you have a geek hanging all over you, you're going to have to do your best to ignore or chase him off.


Obviously, some girls have it and some don't. If you do, where's it from - family, a job, inheritance? If you don't have it, why not? Rich family but they don't give you a cent to play with? Poor family, no family? Perhaps you're just still busy paying bail from your last 'adventure'.


This is something that sets you apart from your classmates. It could be a particularly wild hairstyle, a birthmark or tattoo, some piece of jewelry you never take off (or a pair of boots, or gloves, or other 'unnecessary' item of clothing), or a speech pattern such as a lisp or accent. It is recommended that each player choose this on their own - the table is mostly a suggestion guide, though of course it can be randomly rolled if you're feeling daring. Just don't blame us if you end up carrying pocket change in your pussy.

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