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So I have to tell you about the Greatest Moment Of My Recent Life.

Torian and I were at the Grotto - it's a catholic theme park, basically. No rides, just lots of statues of saints and tiny chapels and pretty little waterfalls and beautiful trees and charmingly-flowering paths and... yeah, you get the idea. One giant photo op, which is the main reason I brought Torian there, as she has a camera and is very emphatic about using it.

When we get there, I'm feeling horrible, my kidney stone had shifted and I was a bit overheated and yeah, just kinda sucked. I told Torian to go explore, while I sat on the steps at the base of the elevator (most of the Grotto is up on top of a cliff and they put an elevator in) and redid my makeup. I'd left the house with partial catface makeup on, and I wanted to touch it up and finish it properly so I looked like I was actually catlike instead of just dirty. o.O This was working well, a few people asked me what I was doing and I claimed that I was getting ready for a play at the community college while waiting for my friend to come back down, got some compliments on the makeup, lots of smiles, it was great.


A little old lady made her way up the ramp that leads to the elevator, not seeing me sitting on the steps until she's almost to where I am. By this time I was pretty much finished with catface, was just putting the final touches on my lips, I looked quite feline - black tigerstripes accented with a bit of purple, purpletone eye makeup, black nose, white muzzle, whiskers, the whole nine yards. She nearly walked past me... caught sight of me...

...and literally ran away screaming.

Unsurprisingly, I just kinda sat there looking, no doubt, VERY baffled. Generally people grin at the catface, or just ignore it, or at most give me this disdainful look as if I were an actual cat who had just licked its' ass in front of the Vicar. Screaming, arms flailing, and running away in a panic? That's new.

I sit there for another couple of minutes, finish my makeup, and start putting my pens back in my purse. As I'm doing this, a very worried-looking man and a lady with a whistle around her neck on a cord (think gym teacher) run up, catch sight of me, stop dead, and do a doubletake. Then they walk up to me, the woman actually giggling a bit, and the man still looking a bit worried but also now a lot embarassed.

The man introduces himself and the lady, they're both staff members there, and he asks what I'm doing. I explain, and he very politely asks me if I could not do it on the steps there, and instead go wait by the car or something.



Apparently the little old lady had run back screaming and panting and nearly having a heart attack... because, she told the staff members, she had seen the devil himself lurking near the elevator, and he was going to take her soul!


I got mistaken for Lucifer.

I'm gonna be smug about this for YEARS. ^.^

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