New and Improved Pain?
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First off, I want to thank Scotticus, Grr-lady, and Teapotica for cheering me up. How did they accomplish this? Simple. See, there's this wonderful thing called a guestbook... but I'm not going to rant about that. Suffice to say I feel loved again. *devours the mint happily*

I will rant a bit about percoset. It's what they have me on now for pain instead of vicodin... and yes, it hits quite hard. Violently even. Leaves me OUT COLD... but the pain comes back far too quickly. Looks like the Jax is gonna be in for the long haul on this one, folks... as of today, I'll try to get back into the updating groove, but... *shrug* ...I can't promise. Still, it's good to know at least a few people still glance this way.

Speaking of glances, you and the rest of cdghost appear to have been glancing my way quite a bit... yes, I'd enjoy reading the poems. I'll try to reply in detail through email, but if you don't hear from me soon, send anyway? I will do my best to give an honest critique... I can't promise any great literary masterpieces, not on this stuff, but I CAN promise that I'll give you my opinion, no fluff added.

Speaking of fluff... Grr-lady's gots kittens in her house! This is a wonderful thing and I want to go play with them. I will report more on kittens later. They are important and once I have more information, let me assure you, it will get top billing.

The only solid information I do have, sadly, is that Kadin will be arriving around 3:30 am, July 4th! That's right, the boy is coming home, the date is made, the time is set, I get my kitten! This is a very good thing... yeah, it'll be kinda stressful getting him settled, and yes, there is always the possibility that he and I won't get along, that it will all be horrible... but somehow I can't see it happening that way, you know?

If I close my eyes, I can still hear him. I already know what scent he will have... you know how everyone smells different, how each person and each household has their own scent? I bet he'll smell of small dog, aspen leaves, roast chicken, and a brand of carpet cleaner I've never heard of... but after a month here, he'll smell like home, no more difference. I think that's part of what I look forward to - the moment when I realize that nothing he brought, nothing he wears, NOTHING about him smells foreign any more.

*shrugs* Did I mention that percoset hits hard?

Anyway, I'm in pretty intense pain, and I need to get going... one entry a day, that's my new goal. I hope I can manage it... *fingers crossed*

BTW, cryinsilence... good luck with Sven. He sounds like a keeper. *grin*

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