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Hello, world.

...or something like that.

Amazingly enough, today has gone STARTLINGLY well. Started off getting woken up at 2:00 pm - a good 7 hours of sleep gotten right there - and then had all of 15 minutes to get up, get dressed, and decide whether or not I was going to go see the latest Harry Potter movie with the household. I almost decided against it 'cause I needed to deal with the Walgreens mixup, but I went along, figuring I could (hopefully) get home in time to deal with it all.

Got out a half-hour before the pharmacy I needed to go to closed. Yes, I live right next to a Walgreens that CLOSES, and whose pharmacy closes at 6:00 pm on Saturdays. *twitch*

Got there at 5:45... a very very frighteningly old man behind the pharmacy counter insisted that a) the computer said I had no refills due, b) the refill had been transferred to Beaverton so he couldn't help me, c) the Beaverton pharmacy was the one the fax that he had in his hand had been sent to, and d) I wasn't in the computer at all. YES, he stated these things in EXACTLY the order I have listed them. Old goat.

However, after I was giving him my name AGAIN when he'd insisted that suddenly, despite the fact that he'd been looking at my info for a good 10 minutes, I was not in the computer... a lovely girl came up, the pharmacy assistant, told him to get out of the way, grabbed my FULL perscription off the shelf where it had been waiting, said she'd been expecting me to come get it soon, handed it to me already scanned-in and verified, and out the door I went. *grin*

So yeah, that worked out well.

Now... we're gonna watch "Lilo and Stitch" again, and I will get snuggles-with-Caleb, although it's entirely possible I'll just end up going to bed instead. I'm damned tired, and finally finished catching up on at least READING most of the emails and journals I follow, and... *yawn* ...despite the seven hours of sleep, I wanna nap!

Last night kicked ass - there was sushi, and snuggles, and plum wine, and a very damned good orgasm. It was a bit awkward at points... this is the first time Ryan and Caleb have been around each other long-term and sober, and... yeah. A tad strange. Ryan's still so very innocent and so very not used to sharing; his brain knows it works and is ok, but his heart is still a tad confused. Caleb... is pretty used to the sharing thing, and thinks Ryan's ok, but was both feeling a tad awkward 'cause Ryan was, and was a bit disturbed to see me briefly in a collar. Wristcuffs and anklecuffs don't bother him much, but he knows how twitchy collars can make me and knows how sensative my stomach's been and... yeah.

*wry grin* However, even that is more or less ok now. And NO, I am not wearing a collar at the moment, thank you VERY much, and would be likely to deck anyone who tried getting one near me - I was barely half-conscious when the gear went on me last night, and once I was fully awake and home it came right back off. *amused* Part of that was simply that Sieia-To REALLY dislikes jingling when she moves, yes.

Oooh... vicodin kicking in.

I love this whole 'not hurting' thing. I really don't get to feel it often enough.

We had cube steaks and I had pineapple as well... nummy foods, and my tummy is keeping them down fairly well, partly BECAUSE of the vicodin, I think. Despite the fact that the tylenol in it tends to make me a bit queasy, I'm addicted enough that my body tries extra-hard NOT to throw it up. Plus pineapple REALLY helps - the joys of having a digestive system that's too base instead of too acidic. Fresh pineapple, shots of red wine vinegar, and the occasional bit of green pepper or green olive do WONDERS for my appetite.

Stupid flies... you know those teeny flies that appear out of nowhere (or fresh fruit that's been left out too long, if you're actually being rational)? Yeah. It's winter so there's not many of them, but two of them in the midst of a breeding flight just tried to land on the computer screen. SQUISH! No more flies from THOSE two. Heh.


I ~think~ it's a good time to call Israel, actually... I'm going to go dig out my new phone card and give Torian a ring. After that? Ehh... nap still sounds delightful.

Oh. Just read Ryan's latest update... this is yet another time I wish there were several of me. No one should have to sleep alone, least of all ANY of my boys. I want there to be six of me - one for each of my boys, one for dealing with family and doctors, and one to sit around goofing off, reading books, and listening to techno. *grin*

Caleb is my technohippie, my fiance, the one who best suits the title of 'husband' as well as lover and beloved.

Kadin is my First Slave, my kitten, the kender-ferret to match my own hyperness as well as the obedient and well-trained, pleasing servant I so desperately desire at times.

Torian is my cat, a match for my darkest hungers and cruelest moments. As well, he is the one I worry most about, the one who triggers a frightening amount of my mothering instincts.

Ryan, now... let me introduce Ryan to you. He goes by Raiden at times, and StormTiger, and occasionally Alex/Alexander (his middle name). He's not been named by me yet - and I would like to stress the 'yet' - if only because I haven't settled on anything that completely suits him. He seems to think 'nreshan' is, or at least was, appropriate... but, well, there's another who bears that name and who I refuse to stop occasionally dreaming of. *wry grin*

Ryan's... well, go read his d-land journal and his profile through there, if you want a brief physical description. I WILL say that he is indeed built like a Norse Berserker, that he still manages to move like a cat startlingly often, that his eyes change color frequently, and that he looks astonishingly beautiful when he's kneeling in what he refers to as 'three-point stance' - one knee, one foot, and one fist pressed to the ground. *purrs softly*

Yes, he has the potential to be one of Mine.

No, there is no guarantee that he will be able to deal with being part of a Poly relationship, being owned, being shared, being any of the things that would make him Mine in truth... but he's learning quickly and adapting well.

No, he will not be Named unless and until he is Mine. I don't waste Names, nor do I give them out lightly.


Anyway, gonna go lie down now, actually - my stomach just decided that the whiff I caught of whatever is being cooked was NOT a good thing, and it's lie down or puke. *twitch*

When I get back up, MUST remember to call Torian. If ANYONE sees me online tonight, remind me?

Thank you.

*pads off, holding her stomach carefully*

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