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What Once Was
Sometimes looking backward can be just as useful as looking up...

...and she said: Hunting Once More

...and she said: Making a Short Story Long

...and she said: Scared Yet Again

...and she said: Horror Flicks and a Cool Site

...and she said: Wanting, Needing, Craving

...and she said: A Good Life

...and she said: Upset Tummy and Writer's Block

...and she said: Girls Are Fun

...and she said: In Which Fortune Smiles On Our Hero

...and she said: Nervous Beyond Words

...and she said: Not An Apology Yet

...and she said: In Which our Hero Bores Her Loyal Readers

...and she said: Mini-Rant

...and she said: Contentment

...and she said: All Aboard

...and she said: Bad Poetry and Vicodin

...and she said: Life Is OK

...and she said: Arrasto

...and she said: Percoset Equals Unproductive Jax

...and she said: Housecleaning

...and she said: Furre Graphics, Medicalness, and a Need for Luck

...and she said: New and Improved Pain?

...and she said: My Recent Past, Part Two

...and she said: My Recent Past, Part One

...and she said: The Whys of Disappearance

...and she said: Brief, Quite Brief

...and she said: In Which our Hero Faces Her Addiction

...and she said: Sick, Sick, Sick

...and she said: Greedy Girl

...and she said: Purge and Repeat

------ 2001 -

March, and All Things Therein
April, Illness and Hopes
May, Sick to My Soul
June, Preparation and Reparation
July, Freedom and Lack Thereof
August, and The Loss Of Me
September, Low Blood Sugar and High Self Esteem
October, Struggling With Submission
November, Holidays and Kidney Stones
December, A Transition of Sorts

------ 2002 -

January, California Dreaming
February, Boys and Girls and Me
March, Jax On The Titanic
April, Things CAN Get Worse
May, Dyverwho?
June, In Which OHP Seems To Win
July, The Month Of The Tygrrr
August, Fragmentation And Fear
September, A Recovering Girl
October, Flaws Become Obvious
November, When Things Fall Apart
December, Discovering A Norse Tiger
(or When Holidays Attack)

------ 2003 -

January, Moving And Madness
February, Beaverton Blues
March, (Y'know, this one just doesn't stand out in any useful title-ish way, so I'm just going to blather here for a ridiculous amount of space because I can. Hey, that would make a great title!) Because I Can
April, Someone Is Playing Whack-A-Mole With My Brain
May, Already Too Much Heat
June, Rediscovering An Old Friend
July, Summer Storms
August, In Which I Am Pathetic
September, Preparing For Holiday Season
October, No Pie For Jax
November, And All Things Offline
December, The Big Snow

------ 2004 -

January, As We Turn Over A New Leaf
February, The Dance Of... What, Again?
March, Oppression In The Oddest Places
April, In Which We Are Very Forgetful
May, Last Straws And Long Meaningful Glances
June, California Ho!

------ Here There Be Dragons -

From here, I got lazy; the time in California blurred into one long, strange dream and I only awoke recently. I'm going to condense it into years, or segments, or something; months are no longer clearly defined.

California And The Heat

Wanna get those odd rambling emails that pass for communication with me at times? Wanna know when I do a major update? Wanna be a member of, as a friend so nicely put it, the Jax Fan Club or whatever the hell it is? Then join the bloody list, dammit!

Gimme a working email address:

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