On The Wind
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Now here we have a puzzle, a problem indeed. What's a girl to do, when a loved one is in danger, she can feel it, she can see it, she can sense it, taste it, she's been worried for weeks and is only now hearing what to most would be little more than a whispered dream... but to her is what she'd somehow been expecting, every word of it, and all she wants to do is pull him free...

...but he won't come, won't go, won't leave that place and has yet to find a way to return to where she believes he belongs? How to protect him from a distance? How to shelter him when she cannot offer her arms, her well-spelled walls?

Blood's a price I learned young must be paid for power. It'll shame me, to sacrifice the creature that I could... and hurt as well, its loyalty is impressive. My own blood would be stronger, harder in many ways to give, but would harm no other. For something like this, fighting something like this, harming none is a strength rather than a weakness. So it'll be.

Something stalks him. Were circumstances otherwise, I might think it a dream, in truth... but not when every time I try to touch him, he's cloaked in shadows and pain that I did not cause. He's in danger, deadly as a gun or a vial of poison, I can fucking FEEL it, how can I not try to do something? The full moon's past, and I don't know if this can wait for the new moon - the balancepoint it'll have to be, at twilight rather than day or night, and perhaps the gods of the Borders will look kindly on my attempt.

This will be twice now I'll have given blood for something. There'll be a third time - that too I know. I don't know why, or for what... but there will be a third blood offering, and gods, no wonder I've been sickening for all but meat, raw and dripping. *shakes her head* Perhaps I do know for what, and am just... avoiding the thought, shall we say. Wouldn't be the first time. Once in front of the crypt, paying my respects. Once at the great tree it'll be, a sacrifice to the land itself, connecting me to him so what protections I have I can offer. Yes, I think it'll help. No, I don't think it'll be enough to stop it. Slow it, perhaps. Unfog his mind until he realizes what needs to be done. But I can't fight this battle for him.

The third... I don't know for sure, but I suspect it too will draw me back there. Something's calling strong tonight, I can feel it from across the city, and it's taking all the strength I have not to drive back there, curl up there, and wait for whatever it is. It's strong.

Something calls and everything within me screams to answer.

Heh. Were I down on the coast, I know what - or rather who - it'd be that I could feel this strongly. Were we locked in battle rather than this... calmness... I might be unsurprised were the pull coming from the east; that particular serpent is another strong one. From here? I rather doubt that she's calling me tonight, not like this, unless she's in town... and think she'd have made some other contact first, were she arriving here. There's nothing else, no one else, to the west that would pull this harshly.

I have none of my supplies with me here. No protections set on the condo yet, save the briefest. We've salt though, and tonight I'll be warding the doors and windows.

Why now? Two years of comparative calm, enough to make me half-forget what it even feels like to touch this much. Then we return, and suddenly... wham. I love this city. I just wish occasionally it wasn't such an... enhancer... for things. People, all the ones I've ever found strength in, suddenly back in touch. Voices I haven't heard in years. Faces I haven't seen in far too long. And now, a rush of what I'd thought I'd never feel again. Something's on the wind.

If I do leave the house tonight, and perhaps even if I don't, I'll have to wake the boy. *mutters* He won't be thrilled.

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