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Right, more of this.

- - 6 - Life Is A Temporary Assignment - -

Point To Ponder: The world is not my home.

Question to Consider: Since life on earth is just a temporary assignment, how should that change the way I live today?

I don't think it SHOULD change. Whether there's a God or not, whether there's an afterlife or not, makes no difference. 'Right' and 'Wrong' are still concepts that the human mind recognizes and everyone should live by them. No, I don't mean by one particular person's or society's view of right and wrong, but by an individual, a personal view of it.

No one is an island, as they said... if your definition of 'right' is what everyone else views as 'wrong', then you're pretty much stuck as lion-bait. The thing, the all-consuming thing, is that you do what you feel/know/believe is right and good.

"Going Home" isn't something I live for, or die for. I'm not attached to things but I AM attached to my beliefs, my moral structure, those I love, those I consider friends.

- - 7 - The Reason For Everything - -

Point to Ponder: It's all for Him.

Question to Consider: How in my daily routine could I become more aware of God's glory around me?

Right, again with the annoyance. I can't help but view all this through a Domme's eyes and through a submissives. Frankly, this sucks.

No slaveboy who was serious, committed, who meant to truly submit, would do so without trusting his Mistress. If you can't develop a trusting relationship, and if you don't understand your partner, it Just Doesn't Work.

Now the glory thing, that I get. A slave's behavior is a direct reflection on his owner. What he does, what he says, every action and reaction, is his owner's glory or shame.

Why is this, hm?

Because it is the owner's responsibility to create, to shape and adjust, the slave's behavior. If the owner had no say, then the slave's behavior wouldn't be her problem, see?

So, if God is expecting us to glorify him, then he should be doing something about it. I don't feel him. I don't see him. I don't trust him.

If I wanted to be someone's mindless fucktoy, I'd have stayed with Slash... at least then I got laid. Beaten, too. I KNEW what he expected, but because I also knew what he wanted would harm me, I chose to resist. Same thing with this God concept; I don't see belief in him as a positive thing, so I don't believe. It bothers me when people try to pressure me into religion or spirituality, just as it would bother me to be pressured into sex or a relationship. If I'm forced because I don't want it, it's NOT good, not healthy.

The Christians hated it when people pestered and poked and tried to make them change their religion...

...why shouldn't I dislike being prodded about MY beliefs?


- - 8 - Planned Fr God's Pleasure - -

Text at the beginning: yu were planned for god's pleasure

Sribbled underneath: Woo, astral masturbation!

Point to Ponder: I was planned for God's pleasure.

Question to Consider: What could I start doing today as if I was doing it for Jesus?

Further text: Bringing pleasure to God is called worship. It is the first and primary purpose of your life. Anything you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship. Worship is a lifestyle.


Now, something I can really relate to, understand, ~touch~. Worship, unlike subservience, obedience, following the rules, is pure emotion and attitude. Worship isn't something restricted to deities, either. Example:

Caleb and I have occasionally spent a day in what is effectively worship. For that day, for the hours involved, we spend time praising, pampering, adoring. It is almost, and I stress ALMOST, a loss of Self... and the reward is happiness.

If God exists I could definitely understand how worshiping him would be a Big Thing.

I miss my boys now.

Worship really is an act of submission and an act of love. You can't force it.

Even when he's a country away, typing in a chat window, I can tell when my kitten is truly worshipping me, devoted and focused... and when he's not. If I can tell the difference, I'm sure God can too. That means that there's a LOT of people who don't worship him, and he knows it.

Kinda like having your kid turn out as a serial killer... which doesn't generally happen unless the parents fucked up pretty bad. Wonder how God fucked up?

I can't worship someone I don't respect and trust.

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