Preparing For Breakfast, Or Is It Brunch?
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Yeek. Overslept. No, not today... but yesterday. I got up at 8:00-ish, came online... and got pissed as hell, thanks to the amazing crowd of people who WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. Nre... right now he's amusing, pleasant company, and he backs off. I swear, no one else on the planet seems to understand that whole backing-off concept. They seem to think that it's their god-given right to follow me around and irritate me. *sigh*

Sorry. Rant.

Anyway... yes, ????? and I met. It went astonishingly well. *evil grin* White chocolate, dark chocolate, and macadamia nut cake. Teasing. Torture. Spicy shrimp. Strong tea. Excellent coffee. Hair between my fingers. Biting... gods, I love feeling someone quivering beneath me when I nip at them, they seem so helpless right then... and they are, sharp teeth and a hungry Jax are easily a match for a slaveboy foolish enough to walk into the trap I set for him. *grin*

I've decided on a name to use for him, here. Tash.

My reasoning for this is an odd one but a good one. I'll explain it at some point. Right now I'm getting ready to go out for brunch... I wrote a bit on the palm pilot while waiting for him in the restaraunt. I'll upload it eventually.

I crashed on Friday, fell asleep when I got offline to try to calm down. Didn't wake up until almost time to leave... had to rush. Sucked.

Here... I wrote a letter to Mistress K. I'll add most of it here... again, all identifying notes taken out.

Gods... I'm still tired. And I have to get more vicodin... ow. I hurt. I have blisters. I'm sleepy. I'm hungry.

*huge grin* I've not had this much fun in weeks.

Oh... the letter IS explicit in places. No, no sex... might as well be, though. This is a warning, not an encouragement, ok? If you don't want to read about some poor man being tormented and teased just because it amuses the cruel and evil vixen into whose clutches he has fallen, don't read any further. You don't really need details like that, right? You don't need to know what it is I did to someone who had never even met me before... since after all, that might warn you. You might start wondering what I would do if I had my paws on YOU... *smirk*

No, that wasn't addressed to anyone in particular. It just sounded fun to say. Have I mentioned I'm feeling horribly evil today? *purring*

--- letter to Mistress K ---


It's just past 7:30 as I start to type this. I crashed last night after I got home, passed out almost the moment I was in the door. Woke up around 5:30 and sent you that brief note. Woke up again about 20 minutes ago, took a shower, and am now awake enough to write.

First, as I said... he's caught. *purrs* Hook, line, and sinker... and he REALLY didn't see it coming. One of his more amusing comments involved the fact that he had applied his risk analysis skills, and decided that pushing you was most likely worth the risk... but that he had not even CONSIDERED that you would do this, and would have bet money against it if anyone had ever mentioned it. *smirk* He's learning not to assume things, now.

Now, the run-down.

Evening started poorly - I actually overslept, I had planned to have between 9:00 am and up until 4:00 pm to 'do shit', get everything together, plan, etc. I wandered online, got the moodswing from hell, and went to lie down... woke up at 5:30.

Couldn't find "Venus in Furs". Couldn't find my bangles. Found the velvet shirt and jeans, though. Couldn't find my lace-up boots, had to wear a pair of black patent zip-ups that I dug out of the closet. I'd forgotten WHY they were in there - I now have a huge blister. *poutgrin*

All in all, quite tragic... but hey, little things, right? So off I go to the restaraunt, getting there around 7:15. Went in, ordered BBQ pork at about 7:25. Sure enough, no sooner is there a gentleman shaking my hand and introducing himself as Tash, then poof, a tray of food appears. *grin* He seemed to appreciate the timing. We talked over pork, waiting for the appetizers to arrive... once they did, we went through the menu together. The moment... hm. Wasn't right, I guess. So I waited, we actually ordered together... and talked some more, finishing off the appetizers.

By now I'd a fairly good idea of what I'd gotten myself into, and was satisfied that yes, I would enjoy playing with him, he wasn't psycho or weird or hideous or boring... and so as the food was being served, I said, "Oh, almost forgot... there's a letter here for you."

He seemed quite confused.

I handed him the letter. Told him it was from you (your normal name - still didn't mention Mistress K, no sense spoiling the surprise). He muttered something, I prodded him, he said "That's rather rude of her, making you play postman." I just grinned.

He put the letter down unopened, started to reach for the rice.

"I think you might want to read it NOW."

Startled look. Deer in headlights. Nod.

I started dishing up my food while he opened it. He got about halfway down the first page and looked up at me. I smiled. Kept dishing up food. He went back to reading.

Bottom of second page: "You printed this out - you know what it says?" Nod from me. I finish dishing up food, smile, hunt down my fork.

Middle of third page... he looks at me. Looks at letter. Looks at me. Starts blushing. Looks at letter. Looks at me... and I take that chance to pop a piece of shrimp in my mouth by hand, licking my finger off in a way that tends to leave Caleb a little quivering lump. He blushes again. Goes back to reading.

He finishes the letter... I'm eating happily, actually kinda rushing it - I'm already expecting questions, knowing I'm going to have to talk, to reel him in, and that I'd better get a full tummy NOW. He looks up, sees me watching him... looks back at the letter...

...puts it in the envelope...

...looks back at me...

...sets it down, bows his head, his wrists are crossed in his lap. I push the shrimp toward him: "These are really wonderful, try some."

He grins, and now I can see his mind working, spinning madly... it's so obvious that he's trying to think of a way out of this, and none seems to be forthcoming. He dishes himself up some rice and shrimp.

I finish my first helping, dish up a second to pick at while I'm talking. I ask him if he's got any questions. His response, after a good ten minutes of umm-ing and err-ing and false starts?

"I'm trying to decide how seriously she (meaning you) is taking this. How seriously you (meaning me) are taking this. How seriously I should take this. It IS just a joke, right?"

Smirk. Shake of my head. "It's quite serious. It's ~amusing~ but it is perfectly serious."

From him: "No more emails. Thank god."

Another smirk. "No contact at all. Not until you earn it."

"So she's serious about that too?"

Nod. I eat some more shrimp - they really are excellent. He's picking at his food, stuttering, and his new favorite word seems to be 'um'. Literally speechless. *grin* I love it when that happens.

He's trying so very hard to think, to concentrate... but it's good food and he's intrigued. After he managed to start talking he admitted as much. I told him that the good food was the main reason I'd chosen this place, to keep him hooked and listening even if he was horrified. He said that the problem was that he was NOT horrified, that he was interested and nervous, but curious. Surprised. That he loved surprise, but rarely THIS intense of one.

We kept talking... I told him that there was a "Top Ten" list, but haven't shown it to him. Lectured him about failing to please you. Explained that I have two long-distance subs and that it is perfectly possible to have a wonderful playtime through computers - promised to help him find ways to do what you wanted that were easier, as long as he was willing to try the hard ones. *grin* Pointed out something that I don't think you will mind - delayed send. If he knows he won't be able to type up an email in time in the morning, he writes to you during the day when he's thinking about you, tells you about his day right then, what it was that made him think of you, how much he misses you... and saves it. Sets it to send the next morning. *shrug*

He tried to use the "I miss her voice" excuse... I told him that if he did well enough and behaved well enough, eventually he might be allowed to talk to you on the phone - purely vanilla. That, at least according to him while he was still trying to get out of trouble, is all he wants - even to just talk about the weather or tell you about how his job is going or even what he and I see of Portland, innocent stuff, just to hear you. *grin* You have to admit, it's a sweet line. And honestly, in a few months and if he's behaving, why not

Anyway. Enough of his side. *smirk* Now MY side.

He's very sure of himself, or he was... came up, shook my hand quite strongly, seemed convinced he was the one in charge. *huge grin* He tried twice more after the letter to take charge... one time I just smiled and watched him silently until he started stammering, then told him what I wanted and we did that. The other time... well, he'd been very unhelpful finding a place to get dessert, not really being useful at all. So I started alternately tickling and biting him, nipping at his ears, tickling his sides, generally leaving him almost speechless anyway... and kept this up until he really WAS in misery, more from frustration and tickled-ness than anything else. Got him to apologise for not answering promptly, explained to him that next time he failed to answer a question promptly he would be bitten quite hard. Simple statement.

Asked him another question. He tested... didn't answer... and I bit him. Hard. *smirk* He's got teethmarks.

We went out for coffee and dessert, ended up in the Hilton because everywhere else we tried was closed. *wry grin* Delicious... and I am NEVER letting him take me there again, it's the sort of place where they don't tell you prices. Those always scare me. Got dessert and coffee each, talked for a good two hours about my plans for him, his life, my life... more getting-to-know stuff. Unfortunately, I'd not had coffee in over a month - caffeine and kidney stones being a bad combination. Sooo... I got more than a little wired.

We ended up back at the hotel room, where after a bit of teasing and talking, he ended up naked, spread-eagle on the bed, forced to keep his hands behind his head... and I'd pinned his legs, and had the sponge. *evil grin* He literally turned pale when I mentioned it the first time, muttered something, which after a bit of prodding was repeated: "She (you) is one of the most cruel and evil people in the world." He also was rather worried that he had no secrets left. I told him I was sure he had some. And that I was just as sure that I would find them. *grin* He seemed to suspect the same.

Anyway... the poor boy. He REALLY suffered. I'd a velvet hair scrunchie, I carry them 'cos they are SO useful... a couple wraps around his balls had them nicely stretched out and hyper-sensative, and the sponge started there. Ended up with it on his cock, teaching him how to beg... it took him almost a half-hour to get out the words I wanted, and that was AFTER I bothered telling him that I was waiting for him to beg - it took me a good 15-20 minutes to get to that part.

He was thrashing around quite nicely, I think it startled him how willing I was to let him struggle and how completely useless it was, even without the bonds. At one point I was holding one of his wrists, stretched over his legs, forcing them apart, my free hand using the sponge... and I let him honestly try to get free, told him I'd stop if he managed. *smirk* He didn't. He seemed shocked by this.

When he gets back home he will be writing up his view of this weekend...

...Once he's proven that he is honestly trying to do as he's told, and that it wasn't just disobedience - this timed delay will take away ALL excuses - then he'll be allowed to write his first letter to you. YES, paper-and-pen letter... it'll include the fortune cookie's tag (there's a story behind it now, it was VERY appropriate, I'll have him explain it in the letter) and any other nifty non-D/s items that fit and seem appropriate. It'll be carefully packaged, double-wrapped, etc... and COMPLETELY vanilla, just a cute note.

At this point, both a bit before and a bit after this as well, I was planning... but you see, I've told him that somewhere, my website exists. I am not going to post my plans here... well, not any part of them that might help the poor boy. *smirk* I have no intention of making this too easy on him. Anyway, back to the letter...

If he fails... then I think I'm going to start being just a bit more sadistic. Push him a bit.

Honestly, though? I don't think he'll fail... just normal conversation was enough to see that he really DOES miss you, you this and you that, Mistress K this and that... and every time I said your name his eyes lit up. It was cute. He does want to please you... and he IS a little pest. *wry grin* He'll keep pushing until he finds the lines. He found one. And I think by now (I'm sure he's awake already) he'll be getting pretty nervous, wondering, not sure what's going to happen... perhaps actually believing he imagined most of last night.

Poor boy.

He's going to be disturbed by breakfast... since now is when I start with the true torture. He's hooked. He's caught.

And he's about to suffer. *purrs loudly*

- Lady Jax -

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