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This is the long-awaited (really) Character List I promised in my last entry... Yes, it does make a fair attempt at explaining who most of the fairly-regular characters who parade through this journal are. And yes again, likely I've missed a good half of them - I don't update this as often as I really should and DEFINITELY not as often as I would like to. Anyway, checkitout now and then, and if your name isn't on the list or if I've got VERY outdated info for you, by all means, poke at me until I change it! I really am trying my best to keep at least a running list of people here, and yeah, if you've just started reading and want to not be so confused, this is a good place to start. Alternately it's a terrible place to start, because it DOES get out-of-date and a lot of the descriptions are far too brief to be useful. *sigh* Still, it amuses me.

Not their full name, necessarily. Just the one I use most often.
Nicknames, pet names, other names used.
What this person is in my life, where they stand.
Caleb Dixon Cal, my SO, my fiancee Caleb and I have been together for two and a half years so far, most of it good. He's seen me through several illnesses, several jobs, and several other partners. He and I have... not exactly an open relationship, but he understands and accepts my admittedly-odd desire for other men and women. I love him with all my heart and I'm looking forward to as many more years with him as possible. Right now he's living in California, FAR too far away.
Kadin Jasan Raven Kaine, kitten, my boy I met kitten online in Furcadia. He and I struck it off fast, and after what, over a year now, I've finally gotten to have him here in person. I love this boy, I want him in my life and I want him back here in Oregon. Currently he's back in Canada, fighting with immigration and his parents, neither of which I am too fond of. Kitten is my slave, and he'll tell you so if you ask. *grin*
Ryan Raiden, the Tiger, Baraq This was my Tiger... now just a friend and, whenever possible, companion-and-bedmate. *smile* Now he's with Becca sort of, and randomly lusting after the occasional redhead, and I miss him an absolutely ridiculous amount. *nodnodnod*
Torian Michal, Arrasto, t'lesh, my obsession Oddly enough, I met this one in Furcadia too... and although he started out as the orignal Mixed Signals Boy, for a while he was indeed mine. He's located in - of all places - Israel, and has a dog and two annoying parents... and now, after a lot of complications and false starts, he seems to be coming back into my life.
Nreshan Nre, War Wolf, Cat I really only knew him at first online and through Furcadia... which is a pity. He's amazing, he is... fun to play with, fun to tease, and someone I both admire and want to own. He is amazing... unfortunately, he's also stubborn as all hell, seems to hate communicating, and can at times be so damn provoking I want to just hit him over the head with a brick. *wry grin* Yep. Jax is in love. Again. Add his name to the list of those I've wanted for a long time and have only recently really GOTTEN.
Nick Elru, the bard, that damned bard, Ragin, Kim The final male in my 'must have' list. I've known Nick longer than I've known kitten (although not by too much) and I met him in the same place. He too has come down to visit, and I found his presence to be satisfying and a VERY GOOD THING. I miss him a lot - he's off in the army and I don't see him much at all. I'm not enjoying that in the slightest, I love him... and need to email him... argh, forgetful Jax.
Radu Puppy, Suria, Twice, Colere, Gordon Oi. Well, we'll start by explaining that this one was met through kadin, in WoW - that's World of Warcraft for the non-gamers - and at this point belongs completely to me. And I do mean completely, as in to a degree that in some ways even surpasses Kadin or Nreshan or anyone else for that matter. Completely enough that I know when he takes his last breath, I will be the one ensuring no more follow it, let's put it that way. *purrs loudly*
Vicki Selaith, Grr, grr-lady She most certainly is one of my bestest friends in the universe. She used to own/date Caleb before he and I met, and I met her through him, at Rocky. She's a sweetheart, has two and a half husbands (yes, poly, it makes me happy 'cos it's what I want too) and a small brat named Maia and a smaller one named Rhiannon. Grr is an astonishing woman who I admire quite a bit. For a while we were at odds due to *twitch* something that at least pretended to be a man, but thank the gods, we've made up.
Slash Nre, SC, Hani Slash and I were together before I met Caleb. It went badly and I ended up falling for Caleb, and leaving Slash. He's someone who has affected my life quite a bit.
Rhett Runedrake, Drake Rhett... gods, where do I start? I make him so angry, he pisses me off so much... I'm finally talking with him again, and this is a very very good thing, as he excells at making life interesting and pushing buttons of the right sort as well as occasionally the wrong ones. Rhett is someone even more twisted than I am and I love him for it, he's the little 'bad angel' on my shoulder, and he writes better than I do. *grin* He's someone of incredible importance in my life, even though he is far away in Canada - yes, it's safe to say I love him.
Scott Mists, Mulletboy, CoastalScott, Tarac, Lost Soul When I first moved into Portland, I was pregnant with our daughter. She's been given up for adoption since, and although for a little while he and I didn't speak much, we're good friends. He keeps threatening to write a manual about me, and I think he should - he's one of the few people who consistantly understands what makes me tick. As far as I know, right now he's unattached, and this is a shame. *nodnod*
'Stina Nadawi, Christina, Darksky Met her in the Philo room, the same place I met Al-X... she's a good friend and cute to boot! Good friend of Scott's, on and off. *grins* Pity she lives all the way in Texas... I'm going to be giving her advice, and this is a scary thing indeed. And yes, she likes Bob.
Daris Dashutri, Ustal, my creature Another Furc-Find... he and I seem to have an odd sort of link. I wish I could explain it better than that. He matters a lot to me - a long and complicated story is buried there. It upsets me to see how a few other femmes tend to treat him... he's headed to Texas, last I heard, and I hope life is better to him there.
Seit Bitch Pet pet pet! A transsexual Furc-pet, she's a wonderful girl who really deserves a good life.
Hida David, my hatchling Another online pet, again not met in person. He gets along well with kitten, and this is a good thing... anyone who gets along well with kitten gets points in my book.
Deb Deborah, Zeborah Caleb's mother. She and I don't see eye to eye, but up until Candice arrived I was the closest thing to a daughter she has ever had and we really DID get along about most things. She does truly wonderful art, sketches mostly that she tweaks in photoshop. I am in awe of her drawing ability.
Mana Unicorn, Amanda *poing* This chickie is amazing! She's a rocky-goer from way back and a friend of the Grr, and she's been a lifesaver quite a few times.
Thomas, Mikey, and Alan Grr's boys, Featherboy, Spike, and Computer Man Grr's two and a half husbands, they rarely get mentioned, I know, but they do affect her life and I send *hugs* to 'em! They are very fun to be around and they dote on Grr, which is good 'cos they are attached to her.
Tarma Tanya, my Lesbian I met this delicious butch at OryCon a year ago, and we've been out on a couple dates, played around, fooled around, messed around, and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely. Still working on the timing - she's a switch too and we don't quite have the chemistry down yet, so sometimes we're both Domme or sub at the same time. She's got dark hair, works as a plumber, and just acquired a very stupid cat.
Scott Redhead, PigmanScott, Juliet's Scott Someone I have an on-again off-again crush on. He's over often for D&D nights, I've slept with him, and he's a friend. This is an all around good thing. He's someone who can be very depressed and depressive at times, but is generally pretty upbeat. He also *purr* currently has red hair... and not-so-purr but still amusing, he's a huge fan of Godzilla movies.
Juliet Rish, Ooooohhhh pretty! Juliet is slender, and f'ing beautiful. She is also, or at least claimed to be, straight... but she's made out with me and dated Rie, so I think that blows the whole 'straight' thing out of the water, thank the gods. Juliet is a good friend and has more vampire books than ANYONE I know; she's also an excellent RP-er and has a horribly, wonderfully devious mind. She is the one who, if Dai doesn't get around to it, will end up teaching me about wine.
Kenji Derumi, Delete-Me, Del-Me, deathpenguin, pixie Kenji kicks ass - he's a long-time livejournal-a-holic and friend of Juliet's. I met him through the Vampire and BTL games. I have gotten to pet his ferret... and gotten to pet his ferret. *MUCH amused by this whole thing* Yeah, he's an anime, j-pop, etc. freak... but he's got good taste in the stuff, so it's ok.
Brandy That Girl Brandy is someone Caleb spends a lot of time with. Don't get me wrong, I like her and I have NO problem with him spending time with her... but I do get jealous. Brandy is the reason that I can appreciate how jealous he sometimes feels when I spend time with another male of any sort. She's actually very attractive, and is into BDSM.
Mother mom, Shannon, psychobitch My mother is the reason I am as fucked up as I am... ok, not the ONLY reason, but one of the main ones. She is a menace to society and is utterly, completely insane. I know she did a lot of good things for me, and I know she tried to do right... but she FAILED. She fucked up. BIG-TIME.
Rie Rhiannon, Rie-est Rie has huge breasts. I can't stress this enough. *grin* She's also a friend of mine from way back before I left the coast... she was there for the whole Alex thing, she's been there through Scott, through Slash, and through Caleb. She is someone I consider a good friend, although I haven't talked to her much at all lately.
Alex AL-X, clone-boy Alex... gods, where do I start? Alex was my first true slave, in a sense. I met him online (see a pattern here?), he lived in Canada (ahem, pattern approaching...) and we met in person, in Portland (shameful, isn't it?). I still miss him, I still think about him, and he has affected my life drastically. He showed me that YES, this really is what I wanted... that I wasn't willing to change my lifestyle for anyone, that it was my choice, and that I really did enjoy it.
Dai Astrophil, Dash, Felkan, -D-, Alex This is a new Alex on the scene... and this one at one point believed I am male. *sighs* Of course, it was my own damned fault... and of course, I've told him the truth now... *the sigh becomes laughter* ...and of course, he's in love. Which is good, because I am too. *grins* I am quite in a fluster over him, interested, intrigued, attracted, addicted, amused, and generally falling head over little mousie heels for this man.
Angel Ang Hm. You know, this one I think can do without an explanation. Either you already have some idea of who she is to me... or you never will. I am not really in the mood to talk about her. Perhaps later I will update this, and write more, but more likely it will just be poured out in various entries and left at that.
Talia The Wench, jedigold, my girl I met this lovely femme through diaryland, I've done graphics for her, flirted with her, discussed religion and sexuality and BDSM... she's becoming a very good friend, and I am impressed with her determination and devotion to her beliefs. Unfortunately, she and I seem to be somewhat going our separate ways... part of her is strongly anti-abortion.
SnowTygrrr Snow, the tygrrr He just recently 'played' with me via phone and it sent me into freakout mode... I need to apologise to him for that. He's got an amazing voice, a really polished British accent with a hint of Aussie thrown in. He's also someone who takes as great a delight in hunting as I do, judging from his behavior. *grin* He calls me Fesh-Fesh and this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - or did, rather. Now he's just a reminder that trusting people can be a bad idea.
Bink Bianca Heh... one of Ryan's exes, cute and amusing and wonderful, and highly bouncy. We're in the process of working up a journal for her to write in, and will be exceptionally fun. Plus hey, she obsesses about Orlando Bloom as much and as easily as I do!
Rob Wallbrat, the Brat First sort-of together, now sort-of apart... He's very intelligent, works at an office supply store - and got Employee Of The Month recently! - has two cats, and is damned interesting. He's been incredibly helpful to me at times, and irritating at others; I need to talk to him more, and I owe him a meal or three at Chang's. *grin* Oh, btw - his journal is locked right now. Sorry...
Fox BF, Lucky Bastard He owns and is married to the wonderful and amazing Sin.
Sin Sin-, The Other Wench She's a Diaryland girl, a slave, mother of an adorible daughter named Pandora, which I insist is the coolest name I've heard for a girl recently. She's brightened my day scores of times, and when she doesn't update I worry about her a lot. I understand parts of what she is going through, and wish her luck with life.
Becca Chandra, Ryan's wench When Ryan first laid claim to her things got pretty weird (mostly due to his bad timing, her confusions, and my over-reactions) but now we're settling into a damned nice friendship... plus YUM, is she ever cute!
Eamon Him Again Eamon is Caleb's little brother, and a royal pain in the ass sometimes. He's a teenage male with more intelligence and less wisdom than most... which is disturbing. However, he really is fairly bright and he's read more than I have, which is saying quite a bit. Plus he gets along well with kitten.
Jeff };D Man This fellow teaches Karate of some sort, is reasonably cute, extremely single... and a switch, leaning to Dom. He and I have played around several times, it's usually quite intense and always good. I consider him a friend with benefits.
MeLLoN }Linzi, slaveznil, z-girl *cling* Mine mine mine! My MeLLoN! Well, only sort-of, but hey, she's cute and funny and amusing and chews on my hair. Or would if we met. *grins* She's really quite a lot of fun, I am glad to know her. And I want. *another grin* Mine mine mine!
...now if I could only remember a name... Yes, there ARE more, but I am forgetting names and getting booted off the computer anyway, so. *sigh*
Am I forgetting anyone? Let me know!

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