Delighting In The Things That Matter
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Crumbled Rose and Knotted Vine
Olive Oil and Heated Wine
Ocean Spray and Finest Sand
Drops of blood from either hand
Tears and Spit, Dust and Soil
Mix together, let it boil
River Water to the brim
Of the kettle it is in
A day, a night, a second day
Until the water's boiled away
Heated Pulp rubbed on closed eyes
Grants the chance to see through lies

...err... *wry grin* ...yeah. A tad bored. Becca and Ryan have taken off for downtown; I could have gone with but honestly, I'm enjoying the semi-quiet and the computer time. Next week I'll be down at the coast again. Hopefully by then my folks will have settled the DSL/Cable decision so I can get them hooked up and get things really going, but if not, I'll have yet another agonizing lack-of-access for seven days. *twitch*

Ryan... doesn't have anything serious wrong with him. *YAY* ...he also DOES have a bunch of bruising, isn't supposed to do anything too energetic or have sex for six weeks, feels like he's been hit by a bulldozer, but at least we know he's ok. A HUGE thank you again to Mollie for going to the hospital to be with him when Becca and I couldn't, it meant a lot to him.

At the moment I'm goofing around in Photoshop (as always, check out my Gallery for the latest thingies) and trying to catch up on LJ... over a week not checking it = Jax with LOTS to read. *amused* I really don't have much else to say right now, other than that I'm looking forward to the 20th, when I will have the first Dental visit... and to November. Gods, am I looking forward to November.

Daemon-Sha: v.v No matter how much I long to be with you for your cruelty, somehow I wish all the harder to be with you for your care.
lady_jax_raven: *smiles softly* That, m'love, is how it should be. You are one of the most important people, most important things, most important source of happiness and joy, I've ever found. Taking care of you, keeping you safe and whole and as happy as I am, is important to me.
lady_jax_raven: *nuzzle* I love you.

Kadin and I talking. It really IS important to me to be able to take care of those I love, to keep them as safe as possible. November will be the closest thing to Heaven I can wish for right now... because I will have Caleb and Kadin both here, seeing them, talking with them, KNOWING each second of each day that if something goes wrong I'll be there to help.

*chuckles as WinAmp starts playing 'Nothing Else Matters'*

It's true.

Everything else in my life, good and bad, is incidental compared to my boys. They are the reason I wake in the morning, the reason I fall asleep smiling. They are a part of me... and I am a part of them. I wouldn't have it any other way. *soft smile*

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