Feeling Better, More Or Less
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...well, the puking seems to have stopped, I got a good three hours of sleep, I now feel like I haven't eaten in a week and I can't walk without getting insanely dizzy and nearly falling down. My blankets were SOAKED when I woke up, I have a sneaking suspicion I did have a bit of a fever and sweated it out in my sleep. *shrug*

Attempting to get a bit of indian food delivered, as curry tends to be one of those kill-or-cure sorts of food and rice will, if I recall correctly, help settle stomachs and take care of another... problem... that I am totally not going to discuss because just thinking about it makes me slightly queasy again. Meh. I am missing Caleb insanely, worrying about Kadin, and somewhat relieved regarding Puppy - the boy FINALLY figured out that yes, he needed to get Medical Attention about this and is now on antibiotics and a rather kickass non-narcotic painkiller called Toridol that is particularly good for dealing with inflamation (it's the same one they tend to shoot me full of when I hit the ER with a particularly stubborn or stuck stone). At least Nreshan is doing reasonably well, as of the last time we talked... though having said that I'm sure a meteor will now strike his house or something.

Actually, I think it might be kinda good that Caleb was gone for this - it seriously sucked not having him here for comfort but if he HAD been here likely I would have insisted on going to the decent ER and that would mean hours spent there just to find out what I already knew, that I'm sick as a dog but not dying and about all they can do is tell me to go home, drink lots of fluids, and wait it out. Yay for not going to the ER!

In other news, the Mice Of Infinite Cuteness are still running rampant through the apartment - bad in a hygenic sense I'm sure, good in the fact that it feels like I'm not actually alone and and even better in the cuteness department. When I was curled up feeling queasy, between bouts of throwing up one of the mice brought me a stale cornchip and at least two more hung out beside the bed just kind of keeping an eye on me, it was very sweet. The Littlest Mouse is doing quite well, and I think I know where another nest of babies is; I noticed them on Sunday and have been careful not to disturb them yet, waiting until they're old enough that they can be boxed up. Hopefully I'll catch them before they really start leaving the nest.

Indian food is supposedly going to arrive here in an hour; until then I'm going to read livejournal and sip soda. Might make some tea later and ice it, but for now cold flat cola is my friend. Don't mess with what works. *nodnod*

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