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So I've been considering putting a few things up on ebay. No, not old clothing or electronics, not some sort of handmade crafts precisely. I've been thinking of something else entirely, the long list of "things someone is stupid enough to pay money for, I betcha".

Here's the list, or as much of it as I can remember, divided into three categories: Items, as in things you can physically hold that arrive in the mail... Services, as in things I will do that you will in some way be participating in... and Ideas, things I will do that don't directly involve your participation. You'll get the idea.


Tricken Bags - These small handstitched bags contain carefully-chosen stones, small luck dolls, handwritten prayers, and other items selected to fit your specific need. If you win the bidding for these, I will send you a set of ten simple questions to help me determine which items would best help you in your life at present. You will be sent three (3) Tricken Bags and a list of their contents, one for beneath your pillow, one attached to a cord to be worn around your neck or if you prefer, hung from your car's rear-view mirror, and a third to replace the one beneath your pillow if you lose it. While obviously I cannot claim that these are guaranteed to help, I CAN promise that I will put my heart and soul into their creation and charge them fully with the small magicks that I have learned.


Seeing Third-Eye Dog training - This item is only available to people in the Los Angeles, CA area at present, as it requires my direct participation and I can't afford to fly anywhere. (If you wish to pay for the cost of a round-trip ticket and travel expenses as well, please contact me directly.) What I offer is a unique service: one-on-one training with your dog for 2 hours a day for five days (that's a total of ten hours), followed by once-a-week four-hour training sessions for one month (16 hours, making it a total of 26 hours of intensive training!). During the first week's training most of my attention will be focused on the dog, the next four visits will be focusing mostly on you, teaching you how to understand your dog's new reactions and how to encourage him or her to continue their protection of you.

What I attempt to do is to increase your dog's awareness of the Third Eye, making the dog more receptive to auras and the spiritual aspects of the world. Most dogs have this potential, they simply need to learn how to access it, and how to communicate it to their owners. As almost anyone who has owned a dog knows, they are loyal and protective. Those traits are what makes them excellent Third-Eye companions. Cats of course are naturally able to access the more spiritual awareness, but difficult to train to communicate it effectively, which is why I only work with dogs.

At the end of the once-a-week sessions I will present you with a certificate listing your dog as a Seeing Third-Eye companion; I will also provide you with my number and if you have any questions or feel your dog is forgetting its training, I will provide up to two re-training sessions over the next 12 months. This ensures that for a full year after the training, if a problem arises you'll be able to get a quick response. *smile*

Note: if your dog is not people-friendly please do not waste your time bidding - while I believe most dogs are quite capable of learning this, I will not work with a dog that does not wish to work with me. If your dog tends to bite strangers or is frightened of them, please consider obedience training BEFORE you undertake Third-Eye training!


Prayer Chain - There are many people from many faiths who believe in the power of prayer. If you accept that prayer can indeed heal the sick, help the weak, protect the valient, then you may find this to be worth a few dollars: an interfaith prayer chain. Yes, this means that for only enough money to cover the costs of the phone calls necessary and the time taken away from work or home care, your prayer request will be lifted on high by a current total of eight different religions. I do not and cannot promise results, as ebay won't let such promises be offered for sale, but I feel it is necessary to provide this service for people who perhaps do not have access to a church or even a broad circle of friends, but care enough to want themselves or a loved one prayed for. I CAN promise that each voice that is lifted in prayer will be sincere, that we will put our faith and our caring into each prayer.


...heh. Getting the idea? The way I figure it, there's a fair bit of 'things I could sell on ebay' that don't involve much work on my part, or if they DO involve work it's fun stuff like 'training' someone's dog or making tricken bags, which I do just for the hell of it occasionally.

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