This is why my life is not at all easy to deal with and even harder to actually EXPLAIN to other people.
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So earlier my husband was on the phone long-distance to Massachusetts with my slave's girlfriend while he was supposed to be setting up a teamspeak server. See, she called him because I'd called her last night at about 2:00 am her time and failed to get ahold of her (which means that I still haven't technically ever talked to her or, of course, met her) but left the cell phone number, which she called back today. I'd called her as a fairly direct result of an illness acquired while dogwalking - see, the slave has to walk his dogs and can't just let them run free 'cos of the coyotes, which terrify one dog and the other, a dauchund, is not at all afrad of and likely would try to fuck given the chance, particularly since the slave has been trying to stop him, the dog that is, from fucking the cat. This is because one of the last times he fucked the cat, he managed to serioiusly fuck up his own genetalia - this is the dog again, not the slave. Anyway, because of this he was spectacularly unavailable and thus worried the hell out of me last night, and I called his girlfriend because I didn't want to bother switching computers, which would have been required to find his mother's phone number. So today I'm sitting around mostly-naked and my husband who was also naked comes in to tell me that while I was napping he talked to her (the girlfriend, try to keep up here) and my mother, and we discussed the general surreality of the whole thing which ended up leaving me determined to share this particular set of circumstances and chain of thoughts with the online world. On a side note, when she talks to him - the girlfriend to the slave, that is - he's likely going to be somewhat disturbed and thus we'll end up having a long, somewhat strange conversation that will also be long-distance. Hi!

Edit - Caleb has pointed out that he was setting up the teamspeak server on the computer at work, while he was at home, and that in fact he stayed home because work was keeping him too busy to go into work. However, he regrets this, because staying home made him feel sick and he thinks he will feel better if he goes into work tomorrow. We just got back from spending money that according to the bank IS in our account but that we don't actually HAVE, also according to the bank. Or that we HAVE but isn't in our account, I'm a bit unclear on that bit. Also, our neighbors are naked.

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