Mornings are even worse when you don't get to sleep before having them.
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...yeah, it's nearly 8:00 in the morning and I'm still awake. This bites. I know I'm going to want to get at least SOME sleep soon but with my luck it'll heat up again so even when I do finally get to a point where I can sleep, it'll be too hot to stay in the bedroom for long and I'll wake up all sweaty and icky. It doesn't help that Caleb is being... more clingy than usual, to say the least. Which is very nice for a few minutes, and great when we've just gotten into bed and the temperature is still nice and cool, but when he's spent three hours wrapped around me so tight I feel like I can't even BREATHE without waking him up and feeling guilty and when he keeps scooting closer and closer to me until I end up with one leg hanging off the freaking bed and he's STILL scooting closer? Not so nice. *sigh* And just shoving him over or telling him to move works great, for all of about a minute, then he's back mostly-asleep and goes right back to clinging. It's like he's glued to me. Which let me stress, is NOT fun and happy when you're someone who hates being hot when you're trying to sleep and the person glued to you puts out enough body heat for three people. Plus his beard sets off the itchies.

Yeah, if the only thing I have to bitch about is that my husband is being snuggly, life can't be all THAT bad... but honestly, it's not the only thing. It's just the one that's most consciously annoying right now.

I could add in the massive kidney pain that's been hitting for the last two days - I've kept it managed with vicodin but it's taken a LOT of the stuff, and if it doesn't ease up soon I may get to see the inside of a Portland ER while we're up here. I could mention the various person-related annoyances, but the ones that bother me the most, either I'm trying very hard to STOP complaining about because it doesn't do a damn bit of good, or involve things that are very personal and not my place to share, or are just too embarassing to go into (see my earlier reference to a crush). I certainly could bring up the stress that moving back up here will bring; yeah, being back up here will in the long run mean a lot LESS stress and will be way better for me than being in California, but the process of buying the place, getting everything packed, moving it all up here, it's gonna be one giant pile of suck and I am gonna be hitting the lorazepam so hard it won't even be funny.

I'm honestly just whiny 'cos I haven't slept, I think. Once I get some rest, I'll feel a bit better.

I'm just afraid I won't get said rest for another 16+ hours, and then only if things do work out so that I can spend the night with Ryan.

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