Leslie Gore rocks my world
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If you're looking for a Tacky Horror Flick that will be amusing, slightly entertaining, give LOTS of ideas for... dammit, yaoi is boy-on-boy, what's the term for girl-on-girl? At any rate, it just begs to have slashfic written about it, and features an incredible take on "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore, which is an amazing song by an amazing artist all by itself. I am trying (and so far failing) to find the mp3s of both the original song and of the versions they used in this move, which is titled "The Woods". Yep, "The Woods". Paid $3.99 to watch it, even - go go gadget cable TV - and consider it well worth it. This movie makes me squee. A LOT. And I totally want to snark it in the tradition of the Gay Pants except y'know what? It's actually NUMMY. I hope that 20 years from now, someone digs this out and does a remake with more kink, more flirt, more story, more... just MORE, dammit. This totally could have been pulled out into a miniseries or even a one-season series, anime-style. OMG. I want this done anime-style as a series. I want this soooo bad. Wow. That would just be incredible. It's got the girl's school, the tentacles - err, treevines - the headmistress, the occasional bishi boy wandering through... yeah, this could totally be remade as a hentai. Wow, that'd be fun. Anyway! Just reassuring you all that I'm alive and well, or semi-well rather, and that I haven't disappeared.

And telling you to watch "The Woods".

I want a bunch of us to get together and watch this while drunk or stoned, all giggly, with hot chocolate and snuggles, while the world outside is snow and ice and rain. Hell... want to know what I think would be a perfect set of movies for a 'movie day' like that? Let me walk you through it...

I'd invite mostly girls, knowing me, Becca, Rie, Juliet, Torian, Candice, Tammy, Monica, Molly, Jamie, Grr, Bug. The usual suspects. Caleb, Kadin, and Puppy would be there too, likely Ryan as well though he'd mostly be sitting off in a corner glowering and looking like the only bulldog at a poodle show. ^.^ Deb too actually, I bet she'd enjoy this.

We'd gather around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, everyone bringing with them stuff for a sleepover - yes, even the boys. Face peels and foot scrubs and hand lotions and nail polishes, popcorn and sparkling cider and hot chocolate and tea sandwiches, the whole nine yards, utterly pampered. My boys would be fetching and running, everyone would be comfortable, there'd be a pot of soup simmering on the stove for dinner, and for now... it's movie time! "The Woods", "Ginger Snaps"... wow, sorry. drugs just kicked in and I'm going to post this, and come back to it later. I hope.

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