In which Our Hero deals with parents, pit traps, parking lots, and pig.
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I just got done talking with my father.

I explained to him that Caleb is/should be female. Told him about the name change, that she's now going by Kate. Told him that if he and mom aren't comfortable dealing with that, Kate'll be willing to be Caleb on the rare occasions where we're with my folks, at least for now. Said that we're waiting to see how and what the hormone treatments do before taking any drastic steps (such as surgery). Let him know that we didn't want this to upset him or mom, that this news is part of why we weren't here for Mother's Day...... yeah.

It went well, actually. My dad is awesome, have I mentioned that? He made it clear that while he needed time to take this in and that it did make him uncomfortable, that what really mattered was how I was dealing with it and what Kate and I decided, that he'd love me no matter what, that we should do what was right and necessary even if it was hard for him to accept right away. I love my dad.

Seriously, he just... wow. I'm glad that I got to talk to him without mom here, it was easier than if she'd been here, that's for sure. He's going to tell her about it; he'll find a way to make her accept it, I think. I trust him.

So yeah, for those who hadn't picked up on that part yet, Caleb is becoming Kate.

I'm going to be the first legally-married lesbian in Portland. ^.^ It's kind of amusing.

In other news, TORIAN! *squee*

She's been here for a couple weeks now and wow. Just WOW. I was very nervous and actually kinda shy at first, but now? I can't go for more than a few hours without touching her, hugging her, reassuring myself that she Really Is There. There aren't even words to describe how I feel. I'm just in awe. I'm glad she's here.

I hope that Puppy can come back before she has to leave, I really want the two of them to meet and I know she's looking forward to it. She and I have talked about him quite a bit. *grin* I miss him a lot, and although it's kinda good he's not here because wow the house would be crowded then, it's kinda bad too; I could use his support right now, dealing with the whole Kate thing and still fighting with Wells Fargo and generally being stressed and confused. *sigh* Puppy, I need you. Please come back soon.

I'm typing this up on the floor of my parents' living room. My dad is downstairs taking a shower, Torian is upstairs still asleep, and I am just... here. Oddly happy. It's such a relief to have talked to dad about Kate, it's finally DONE, I don't have to feel like I'm hiding something. I prefer to be honest with my parents, I don't like having to not tell them things. Sometimes it's for their own good, but... yeah. They're my PARENTS. I'm supposed to be able to tell them things.

Life is confusing.

I haven't talked to Nreshan or Elru in a while; I haven't talked to Kadin in... wow, just about six months now. I don't really know for sure where my life is headed, short-term at least, there's too much stuff going on for me to even try to predict what the next few months will be like.

All I know is that I have a home, people who love me, people I love, I'm not horribly ill, not dying, not starving, not even all that depressed. Life is actually pretty damn good.

Oh, and about last night... WHO THE FUCK PUTS A PIT TRAP IN THEIR PARKING LOT?! I mean, really! A fucking PIT TRAP in the middle of the gravel driveway, not marked, the same color as the rest of the parking area and road, you can't even SEE it at night. *twitch* Seriously. I got stuck with one wheel in this huge HOLE in the middle of a DRIVEWAY, had to call my dad to come get us - Torian and I - out of it.

It took a lot of work, a bunch of pieces of wood, a car jack, and the three of us trying VERY hard not to either laugh at or throw things at the drunken ass who pulled up about halfway through the process and offered to help... then insulted my dad, hit on Torian and I, and generally made an idiot of himself. o.O Amusing. My dad agrees that it was totally NOT my fault that I got stuck in the pit trap, it was unmarked and basically invisible in the dark and only a moron would put A FUCKING PIT TRAP IN THEIR PARKING LOT!!! yeah, Angel, I tried to stop by, but you weren't there and your parking lot tried to eat my car. >.> This is why I don't come visit more often.

Sounds like my dad is done showering, so I'm gonna make an attempt at posting this, then go wake Torian up. Breakfast time! Hehehe... she tried bacon and french toast for the first time a few days ago, it was pretty crappy bacon and only so-so french toast, so I'm betting that my dad's bacon (which is awesome) will blow her mind. Or at least her taste buds. Yay for feeding pig to the jewish girl!

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