*tearing her hair out in frustration*
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Sleep well, my cat. *smile*

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*dealing with the pharmacy while she's up* Still no insurance. Calling the doctor AGAIN to bitch; dammit, she needs to give me something else, at this point. Clearly the insurance is Not Going To Cover This.

Dr. Shaw? SAYS THEY STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN A FAX. The pharmacy says they have, and it's gone to the insurance. I have requested that the pharmacist CALL THE DAMN DOCTOR and figure out why the fax isn't going through, she said she would, I hope she does, the doctor says she's not giving ANYTHING but advil or ponstel, and I'm going TO KILL SOMEONE. Taking amatryptaline now, fuckit, I'm hurting, I need more sleep, and clearly this giant lake of fuckery is not going to get cleared up within my fucking lifetime, gods damn it ALL!!!

Either the doctor or the pharmacy is screwing up somewhere, at this point I'm suspecting that no matter what the pharmacists think, the insurance company hasn't even SEEN authorization forms, I really really really want to find out WHO is responsible for the fuck-up AND BEAT THEM SENSELESS. I don't know why the universe is doing this but if it doesn't stop doing it soon I am going to go even more insane than I already am. This is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

*is failing at sleeping, can't find anything worth watching on TV, has pretty much given up on ever getting painmeds again and taken alieve and advil*

According to the latest chat-with-pharmacist, Walgreens shouldn't need to do anything at this point, the doctor should call the insurance company. The doctor won't do that without a fax from the pharmacy. The pharmacy won't talk to the doctor to figure out why the fax isn't getting through and let her know that YES, she needs to do something. The doctor won't talk to the pharmacy to authorize anything. NO ONE WILL TALK TO EACH OTHER AND I HATE THEM ALL. Also, I'm hungry enough and bored enough that if you want to put fishsticks in the oven for both of us and come get me while they're cooking, I would be thrilled.

Seriously, this is just STUPID. Why the fuck won't one of them spend the two minutes it would take to call the other one and figure out where the hold-up is and who needs to send what? A WEEK AND A HALF and they're still fucking up like this, neither of them doing anything, both of them annoyed at me because I keep calling, when if they'd just put a few minutes of effort into this it would be taken care of and I would stop pestering them... so stupid. So very, very stupid.

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