Drowsy and Ouchy, what a combination
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*wry grin* You've my sympathy... and I've been missing you. There's a few things that have happened lately that I'd kill for the chance to talk over with you. Unfortunately, I'm unlikely to be able to leave town until after April. Evil universe.

I am indeed still alive and kicking... also in a lot of postponed-for-a-while misery. Tomorrow I can call my doctor and Yet Again harp at him about giving ME the phone number for the pain management center. Spent the last few days on maintainance doses of fuzzies, not enough to be wonky but enough that I could move around, and also managed to not sleep for like 50-something hours, so yeah. I'm just a little bit groggy from the (for lack of a better word) hangover and not really looking forward to taking more. Unfortunately, in order to have any hope of sleeping or functioning until I can get on more normal painmeds again, I WILL be taking more, which truly and utterly bites. I'd honestly rather be vicodin-loopy than stay permafuzzed for more than 12-24 hours.

See, that whole 'empathy' aspect of it is great when you have the drug active enough to help you focus on positive things and aren't feeling pain. Problem is, if you take it constantly for several days (and it will do this even if you're taking it for cold-and-flu, it's the same thing nyquil does if you're on it for long) you end up feeling groggy for a good 12+ hours after you stop and the empathy? SUCKS when you're in enough pain that you have a hard time thinking positive. Trust me on this.

Also, ohai Kadin. D-land has that "users online right now" box that tells you who's online right as you got to whatever page in dland you're on, and it says you're there. So yeah, hihi.


I'm going to dig out a few more of the books I am borrowing from one of the most amazing women on the entire planet (more on her later when I'm feeling less ouchy and better able to express just how incredible she is, this will include a roll-top desk) and curl up and read. In theory Max will be wandering back at some point, but as it's already 3 and he's not here he may have decided to crash with Zach, so I feel no qualms about staking a claim to the living room bed-thing.

I'm also *twitch* either going to have to take one of my last few amatryptaline, or take fuzzies, if I want to fall asleep easily.

Actually, y'know what? I'm just going to curl up in the bedroom and try sleeping. Maybe it'll work. Door's un-deadbolted so Max can get in when he gets back even if he forgot the deadbolt key, no need for me to stay awake. It's worth a try.

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