Stupid depression, go the fuck AWAY. You're not helping anything.
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Dawn is such a weird thing.

Yep, no sleep. No meds for weeks = no sleep at all unless it's in the middle of the day, and even then it's nearly impossible to get more than an hour or two. Particularly if housemates bring Very Loud Company over.

Tiana's stuck over at Patrick's, her own damn fault and I refuse to feel pity - she knew we didn't have enough gas to come get her, freaked out, called us, and was all upset when no, we can't drive to hell and back just to pick her up from somewhere we'd asked her not to go in the first place. She KNOWS she ends up miserable every time she goes back over there. She KNOWS she always ends up in tears, wanting to leave. She SHOULD know that going over there if she doesn't have a way to LEAVE is extremely stupid, but apparently this is one lesson she's going to have to learn through repeated experience. *headdesk* And yes, I'm worrying about her. *mutter*

I'm also attempting to cook the last not-suspicious-ham meat we have in the house; yay for cooking potroast without a suitable pot. Or any of the usual trimmings. Or half the usual spices and seasonings. Right now our household food supply is pretty much that pot roast, some rice, a little bit of pasta, and oatmeal. We're out of fruit, out of veggies, damn near out of peanut butter, out of bread, out of eggs, milk, juice, soda, sugar, soy sauce, worchestershire sauce, garlic, herbs, butter, margarine, oil, toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, decent tea, alcohol, vinegar, mayo, gas, steady internet access, and hope. Hell, we're down to two packages of stale, crushed ramen. Chicken flavor. *twitch* Yeah, it's been that kind of winter and we're having a hard time clawing back out of it. I try not to rant about it often, I swear I do, but dammit, this is really not what I'd envisioned for us when we finally moved back from California.

Times like this, I wish Puppy had stuck around. He'd have had Rhia out the door far sooner, wouldn't have put up with Kim, would have mostly just been amused by Max, and we wouldn't be over-crowded and under-helped. Yeah, yeah, look, things are screwed up enough so far this year that having the mutt around seems like a happy memory, k? Leave it be.

And no, this isn't really something I want to talk about. I hate having to even ~think~ about it. That said, if anyone knows of anywhere hiring that doesn't require being on your feet the majority of the time, please let me know. *wince* It's going to suck, but it's not like I have any other real choice.

Well, technically we could sell this place, I could go live with my parents, and kill myself after about a month, but y'know, that just doesn't sound fun.

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