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Soooo... looks like we may be having company for a little while. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to explain this one; bear in mind that I'm sketchy on some of the details and others aren't really my business to mention. Still, I'm going to try.

Lerofera - not that any of you are likely to remember her - had this guy, a rather wonderful one, who has been on the outskirts of things since I was in California. Like most of our group, he's someone who got enough personality, intelligence, and humor to ensure that karma would kick his ass every chance it got just to balance things out, y'know? Still, all sorts of nifty, and I've been enjoying his company online.

He is - oh gods, and I just realized how hilariously ironic this is - trying to get his Canadian citizenship to be with a girl he cares quite a bit about. Unfortunately, easier said than done. He had been living in Canada but the girl's family have decided that since he's still a Filthy American and can't get a job there as long as he doesn't have citizenship, clearly he's not good enough for their daughter and must go. Apparently they're threatening to call immigration on him and have him deported.

For what should be obvious reasons, I have a lot of sympathy for someone in such a ridiculous position. He and I have been talking for years, he's well-mannered, entertaining, more than willing to be put to use while he's visiting...

...see, the only place in the States he would have to go back to would be his mother, who has told him in no uncertain terms that since he left for another country to have some kinky relationship with someone I believe he met online, she wants nothing to do with him and will turn him away if he shows up at her door.

Someone tell me this isn't painfully familiar.

Anyway, yeah. Apparently it's come to a bit of a head a LOT faster than he expected it to; we'd discussed him coming here in the 'ehh, if something goes wrong' sense. Well, several somethings went wrong.

I haven't even had a chance to discuss this with Cate and Max yet; with things in the ridiculous state they are lately financially this is... yeesh. Possibly helpful, possibly hurtful, gods only know which. He's bright and willing to work, he's in good health... well, ok, right NOW he has an ear infection, but generally, he's in a better state than I am at least. I don't think he'll be staying long, but then, I thought that Kadin wasn't going back and that Kim and Max were only staying for a night, so I've learned not to make assumptions.

One thing Puppy is right about, I really DO try to help too many people... but only the ones I care about, and I don't think I would be able to live with myself if I didn't, y'know? People who matter to me, who have made my life better, I firmly believe I should do my best to repay that every chance I get. He may not be someone I've mentioned often, but there have been times when he's been the sole reason my sanity remained intact. He's got a knack for appearing exactly when I really need him, which makes me wonder...

...ehh. I'll leave that train of thought before it derails completely and go back to sniffling, coughing, aching, feeling queasy, being exhausted, not sleeping, head-pounding, and generally being sick. *twitch*

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