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Caleb is leaving, tonight I believe, and will be gone for a week. This means I will be here, in a city I don't know and sure as hell don't trust, with no one else physically here, for that week. Now, let me just list off a few things here:

Sinus infection.
Bladder infection.
Ear infection.
BAD allergic reaction to whatever decides to bloom next.
Another one of those oh-so-wonderful falls that leaves me out of it and dizzy with my head bleeding all over freaking everything.
My period problems getting worse - the main reason I got put on hormone pills as a kid was because my once-every-two-weeks periods were hurting more with each one and bleeding worse with each one and it was at the point where I was suffering from serious blood loss.

A week. With no one here.

And so for the last few days I've been worrying.

And y'know, if Kadin and Nreshan and Puppy were all consistently online and even semi-alert, I'd worry a lot less.

As it is...

...I feel like I want to start screaming at them - Puppy mostly, I know what Kadin's and Nreshan's job schedule/living arrangement is, and they've got quite a few good excuses for the amount of time they spend unavailable. Torian as well, she's hella busy right now and doesn't need the stress of keeping track of ME added to it. I'd been thinking that, ok, three boys who are at least on this continent, it'll be ok.

Apparently the cell phone no longer works, we're not sure about the land line. When puppy is online he refuses to be dragged away from whatever he decides to do, be it WoW or some other game or gods-know-what, he's got his head stuck so far up the gaming community's collective ass I'm amazed he can breathe. Kadin can't find his phone card, with the cell phone fritzing I can't exactly call him, and for some reason even if messenger says he's online, and I message him, he doesn't see it. Nreshan is, currently, the most accessible of the three... but much as I love him, he's a frustrating little brat a lot of the time and has WAY too much distraction going on over there for me to expect him to in any way, shape, or form keep an eye on me.

So yeah. I just logged onto WoW a minute ago. Over an hour ago I had told puppy, IN WOW, to start up MSN messenger 'cos I was hurting and wanted to go lie down and I could get it running from the laptop.

Did he?


His excuse? "I'm hurting and I forgot."

Now, mind you, yes. Pain is a GREAT excuse for not doing shit. But if you FEEL WELL ENOUGH TO BE ON THE FUCKING COMPUTER, TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS, PLAYING GAMES, you can damned well start up ONE SMALL PROGRAM. As for forgot... wtf? It wasn't like I told him this three days ago. I said I was going to the bedroom, log onto MSN.

Oh, and the little fox-pawed bastard says he's angry at ME... AND, he won't fucking take anything but advil for the pain. HE JUST HAD THREE ROOT CANALS IN ONE DAY. And he won't take anything but advil and seems surprised that he's fucking hurting so much he can't talk straight or keep from being more of a whiny bitch than ~I~ am right now, which is impressive in a way. *twitch*

But basically, what all of this ranting boils down to is simple. I ~need~ someone, even if it's just one person, that I can rely on for the next week. Someone who will check in with me on a regular basis to make sure I'm still conscious, no bones broken, not having some sort of horrible reaction to my meds, etc. Someone who will, at least to some small degree, be there the way Caleb is - a shoulder to cry on, even if it's digital, and company, making sure I'm not alone.

Likely I'll be fine without it. I'm not entirely stupid, we've got everything I should need set up and handy, I know which numbers to call in case of emergency, and all that good stuff.

Likely this is just another stupid stress bunny that will go away on its own.

However. If something bad that I can't fix/prevent happens while I'm here alone and it becomes a truly serious, maybe even fatal, problem because I can't get in touch with anyone in time...

...with any luck, this entry will make at least a few people feel horribly guilty for YEARS. *muttersnarkpoutsulk*

..................also, damn our mice are cute! *squeaks at them cheerfully*

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