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Day 6

So far so good, even if most of my entries seem likely to be just a few words. I am hopeful that as I continue I will start writing more, perhaps get to the point where I fill several pages in the course of just one or two entries. Not that I am certain this will happen, or even think it likely, but there's no reason not to hope. Optimism is a wonderful thing.

I have been looking around town to see if I can find a suitable job to keep me occupied; my courses this term are not quite enough to fill my day and while I do appreciate my Aunt, neither of us take much pleasure from the stilted conversations that result from me sitting around the house for several hours a day. More hope, as I have submitted applications to several different businesses, including the rather small public library. Working with books would actually be rather nice, I think. I may not be particularly good at writing in them but reading them is another story. Ack, that was something of an embarassing pun. Perhaps I should start writing in pencil so I can erase things like that.

Speaking of books though, Aunt says that there is a little used bookstore somewhere, close to the river, she believes. The rather starched matron at the library had never heard of it and though I did walk along the river for a while during my job-hunting yesterday I didn't catch sight of anything that looked like a bookstore, used or otherwise. I will have to take a better look later. Working there could be almost as fun as working at a library.

Bother, dinnertime already? I may start writing after dinner, just to keep from getting interrupted.


Meh. Tummy's acting up, although this time I think I know why... I came across the container of chili-lime gum and ate the last four pieces in it. I really really shouldn't have. Eww. I'm burping lime-chili-sugar now and lost the gum and my last round of meds in a rather messy conversation with Mr. Toilet. So very not happy about this. My own fault, though, so I can't complain as much as I would like.

Still hanging out in #submission with Ryan and 'Stina now, discussing hometowns and Portland and with the occasional bondage reference thrown in. Such a great channel. *grin* I am VERY glad Ryan introduced me to it. Good conversation, friendly people, 's nice.

Now, to go see if I can find osmething to settle my tummy...

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