Goddammit, this is just stupid.
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*sigh* I had the freaking card a week ago, told you I had it then, you said it was ok and that you didn't need anything from it, that you were just going to get a new one like I'd been suggesting SINCE YOU LEFT.

Today? I can't find the damn thing, it's not where I would have sworn I put it, which means that likely either Kate or Torian moved it while cleaning. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, I could just ask them where it was, but they'd both gone out downtown. I stayed home because I was exhausted and am sitting on the edge of a pretty serious seizure, if the pre-seizure warnings are anything to go by. When you called, I was half-asleep and having trouble talking, which is why I was asking Rhia to communicate between us. I tried to tell you to call Kate's cell phone, but you hung up before I could say anything other than that I didn't know where the card was.

It SHOULD have been sitting on my desk, where I put it so that as soon as you decided you needed the info again, I could send it to you. Again, it's not here AND I DIDN'T MOVE IT. If I HAD moved it anywhere, it would have been into my purse, and I pulled every single thing out and double and TRIPLE checked the stack of cards. Not there.

I'm sorry that this is causing you trouble today; I still think you should just get a new card, it's not like this one has worked since you left, but I am sure that doesn't actually help. *sigh*

The bill for your other card arrived, it too is now sitting beside the monitor where I swear I put the card, I'm going to tape a fucking do-not-move-anything-from-here sign on that particular shelf and see if that helps.

Thanks for hanging up on me when I decided communicating with you was more important than not stressing myself out further for fear of a seizure Right Now. Thanks for alternating between "find the card OMG right now" and "nah, it doesn't matter" often enough that it makes my head spin. Thanks for making me feel guilty because YOU haven't done anything to ensure you had the information, YOU haven't fucking called the bank or whatever and just canceled the card as you keep swearing you're going to do, YOU told me when I found it again that you didn't need it...

...yeah. Little bit frustrated here. And I'm sure you're frustrated too, and I am sorry for that.

When Kate and Torian get back, I will hopefully remember to ask them about the card.

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