Morning. Bah. Stupid. Ow.
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I'm going to drive today. Yes, I'm aware that this is potentially a very bad idea, but I've been thoroughly bribed by Rhia. She's leaving via greyhound bus for somewhere today, her bus leaves at noon, and as she'll be taking luggage she really doesn't want to have to take the bus.

Honestly, I may have to wake her up way early; I feel like shit and I KNOW just how bad an idea me driving is, believe me. I don't have a license any more, jut an ID card, and I'm in agonizing pain. The only painkillers I have that work are disassociatives and opiates, neither of which is particularly a good idea when driving... well, the fuzzies are not-so-bad but the opiates, definitely a big NO. Oh, and alcohol, which is an even worse idea.

I feel like shit and I know that I won't be feeling all that much better by the time we have to leave. I got woken up by pain yet again; my uterus apparently is massively infected according to the diagnosis at the 112th-ish Adventist Hospital, courtesy of the D&C in Tillamook at the Adventist Hospital there, which I needed courtesy of the fuckups at the 112th-ish Adventist Hospital, which might not have happened if they hadn't screwed up before THAT during the partial miscarriages. In case it's not blindingly obvious, I'm a little bit annoyed at them. Also at their delay in sending me my medical records so I can get a fucking lawyer.

Mmm... trapped, frightened young (and cute) boy, menaced by a serial killer. So delicious. Makes me wish Rhett had a taste for boy as well as girls, I'd love to read a story by him that involved a pretty boy being mindfucked, raped, utterly used... yum. Ehh, I shall just go reread one of the stories I still have involving nummy slavegirls instead. ^.^ Have I mentioned that I adore his writing? Yeah.

Other than that, there really isn't much else worth saying - Oh! Yes there is. Torian, I miss you horribly and I hope the news from the heart monitor is good, that they figure out what's wrong and that they can do something about you. Puppy, I miss you too, a lot; I'd hoped to hear back from you yesterday, I'm guessing that the phones were misbehaving again, as happens far too often. Angel... *grins wickedly* should see what I've done to the Book. I think you'd approve. Yay for a mother-in-law with a houseful of art supplies!

Ok. Going to go back to trying to find a comfortable position. Catch y'all later!

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