Dammit, queasy again, and all I did was drink some juice. *mutter*
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*wry grin* It didn't even occur to me to mention it to you, selia. I've known she was going to California for several weeks but was pretty sure you wouldn't be able to make it, so didn't worry you about it. As for January... if we can help, you know we will.

Just finished watching "Mothman Prophecies", yay for On Demand. I swear, after having this I'll never be happy with normal cable, or even satellite, again. There's just something nifty about being able to pick through dozens of movies, hundreds of tv shows, and play 'em whenever the fuck I feel like rather than having to pick through just what's on Right That Moment. Sure, there are still days when there's nothing on I haven't seen, but that's how the world works... and even then, I can still find something to stare at if I look long enough, if I can't do anything else.

There's been a lot of 'can't do anything else' this last week or so. I truly want a scooter, and I want to get out and about, but when I'm throwing up, having cramps bad enough to keep me doubled over, and my digestive system is pissed at me for not eating solid food... yeah. I can't really go much of anywhere just at the moment. Cate did leave the keys to the car here and if it's afternoon, I could call Deborah to get a ride somewhere, but... meh. I have enough trouble trying my best not to throw up without being in a moving vehicle.

I do have to try not to; sometimes yeah, throwing up makes the nausea go away, but the last time I actually did more than spit a bit I ripped out one of the stitches and got the rest of my wounds unpleasantly coated with stomach acid. Ow. I'm going to have to call the dentist and ask if there's anything I can do about it, and likely ask for phenergan, that might help some. I'm out - unsurprisingly. Meh.

It's past 8. There's not likely to be anyone at the dentist until at least 8:30, likely 9-ish. Meh. Lots of Meh. And some more Meh just for the hell of it.

I suspect Cate tried calling at some point last night, or Puppy did, or Torian. The odds of it being anyone else is pretty slim. The answering machine is blinkin' but I haven't quite been willing to sit on the floor and deal with it. Even chairs are somewhat difficult for long.

I haven't actually talked to Puppy in far too long, come to think of it. I hope he's ok.

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