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Puppy, UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL. Update, update, update! Also? start a facebook profile if you haven't got one already. No, seriously, update and go to facebook and make a profile there.

Then, check out Filler, a really awesome and addictive flash game. It tells you the basic directions there, but I'll give 'em here too, reworded slightly:

The goal is to fill up the area with white balls while avoiding/trapping the grey bouncing balls. Click and hold the mouse button to create and expand a white ball, drag the mouse pointer while holding to move the ball around, and release the mouse button to finish the ball. If a bouncing ball touches your white ball while it is still growing, the ball will pop and disappear, so make sure you let it go before any of the grey balls get too close!

You beat the level by filling up 66.6% or more of the empty space with white balls. You lose if you run out of white balls to create (you can only make a certain number per level) or if you run out of lives (you lose a life whenever your ball breaks) - you can see the number of balls remaining, the number of lives remaining, and the percentage of space filled in the area above the playing field.

I strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes flash games, it's seriously addictive though, so be prepared to waste a LOT of time playing it. ^.^

Interested in more flash games, webcomics, entertaining weblogs, and other sources of online amusement? Check out my links page, where I have lots of ways to keep yourself amused. If you know of any good games, webcomics, or interesting sites that I don't have listed on there, by all means send me an email. You can find me at [email protected] - make sure to delete the 'delete_this_bit' before mailing, I hate spambots and thus dislike putting my email address up without something to fool most of 'em.

Anyway, off I go to play more Filler while I wait for Cate to get done with the meeting. Then it's off to Chang's Mongolian Grill for my birthday dinner!

Oh, and Torian... *lick* ...thanks for the phone call. It was very good to hear your voice again. Oh, if anyone else feels like giving me a birthday present, I would love phone calls or emails from those of you I don't get to talk with often. *grin*

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