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OniMun: As said, I was sad.
OniMun: Yay for anagrams within a sentence.
thatstrangegyrl: You've got an extra 'w' there.
OniMun: Aww
OniMun: There, throw one of those in there.
OniMun: Doesn't really matter where.
thatstrangegyrl: ...which still leaves an extra 'w'. Possibly playing around, you might be able to get a palindrome out of it, though.
OniMun: It's moot though, because the kittens will take away your sad.
OniMun: And then the whole sentence just becomes unbalanced and falls on its side.
OniMun: And now we just have a jumble of letters, most of which aren't even right side up.
OniMun: I hope you're happy.
thatstrangegyrl: *laughing* Yes, actually.
thatstrangegyrl: Destruction, chaos, and kittens FTW!
OniMun: You englished my kill. X(
OniMun: fhwgwgads.
thatstrangegyrl: .....*trips over the tangle of letters* ...WTF?
OniMun wants to send file C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsdownloadthatstrangegyrlStrongbad - Fhqwhgads.mp3.
thatstrangegyrl received C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsdownloadthatstrangegyrlStrongbad - Fhqwhgads.mp3.
thatstrangegyrl: *terrified*
thatstrangegyrl: ...and not able to listen to it until morning, there are four people and two cats sleeping ATM.
OniMun: Then you will just have to remain terrified.
OniMun: Dammit. Now you've given me more sad.
thatstrangegyrl: What? How?
OniMun: Your terror gave me sad.
OniMun: They're related emotions. Like mother and son.
OniMun: I'm also quite willing to bet that this means I am the first person to ever have claimed to make your emotions pregnant.
thatstrangegyrl: ...incestually pregnant, potentially, as the two of them together restated by you produce humor.
thatstrangegyrl: And where does arousal come in? *tends to experience it at other peoples' terror and occasionally her own*
OniMun: That depends if you're aroused now. I'm a little worried if my inbred humor and your even MORE inbred internal laughter are in any way directly related to your arousal.
OniMun: Because that makes you incestually horny.
OniMun: Like, severely.
OniMun: You're horny with actual birth-defect horns.
thatstrangegyrl: Hm. I AM, but not due to terror specifically, though the internal laughter tends to increase it. It's sort of a background noise...
OniMun: Voyeuristic laughter?
thatstrangegyrl: ...isn't most laughter by default voyeuristic, unless you're laughing at yourself?
OniMun: "Every time I laugh I'm masturbating"
thatstrangegyrl: Thank you, you have now filled my quota of irrationally odd for the next week. ^.^
OniMun: I'll be satisfied if I've created a permanent urge to masturbate -every time you laugh- for the next two weeks.
thatstrangegyrl: ...
thatstrangegyrl: ...that would be BAD.
OniMun: But hilarious.
OniMun: And hence self perpetuating.
thatstrangegyrl: I'm going to be watching Monty Python with my in-laws, I do NOT need to have any conflicting urges!
OniMun: Well we've already -said- that it's incestual.
thatstrangegyrl: *dies*
thatstrangegyrl: ...and I am SO posting this conversation snippet.

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