The Blowjob
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You have just entered the room.

Inle has entered the room.

Strange Girl: *HUGS*

Inle: -HUGS-

Puppy has entered the room.

Strange Girl: *grins slightly, settling back atop a pile of cushions, watching this with interest*

Inle: -looks to the rather delightful sight atop the mound of silk and velvet..Midnight eyes aglow..wicked...pools of shimmering darkness..voice low and lilting-
This is the boy?

Strange Girl: *her grin broadens as she nods*
Aye... he's all yours, love... make him put on a decent show. I've been wanting to see this for quite some time.

Puppy: :: Silent, he was for the most part. Kneeling on the ground there in his designated place, completely silent with eyes affixed at no particular point, as if he stared deep within a vast void to help, hopeing with the silence he was forced to endure, the "boy" was not what you'd expect, good looking, muscled all in all not what you would expect from a submissive yet here he knelt on his knees ready to do this, for her ::

Inle: -nods..eyes darkening as He turns..lithe form shifting under deep violet silken material... head tilting ever so slightly as He reguards the boy..a slight frown slipping over almost delicate feyling features...fingers snapping once. -

Strange Girl: *purrs faintly as she watches, shifting... rolling onto her stomach, velvet-wrapped legs kicking idly in the air, chin on her crossed arms... making it clear she will not be forgetting a moment of this sight*

Puppy: :: He moved like he had a purpose, up to his feet with his eyes down in submission, the short distance to the Male was crossed with powered strides only to have him lower down and place himself once more upon his knees directly at the man's feet ::

Inle: -voice low..purring..lilting.....almost a whisper...cutting the room like a He glances back to the pile of cushions..amusment dripping from His every expression-
Quite the large one, isn't he?

Strange Girl: *another nod, her own voice warm with held-back laughter*
Aye, he is... wrestler, you know. Among other things. But despite his appearance, I assure you, he's quite well-behaved and will do his best to please... because he knows that if he fails to please you, he fails utterly to please me.

Puppy: :: not so much, large as he is simply in shape. Body is toned with muscle, rather than bulked, and should anyone wish him to be flexible, that was obviously easily arranged from his look, yet he said nothing, allowing for the Lady atop the cushions to speak for him; there is no motion, none from him in his kneel, he simply allows himself to be appraised ::

Inle: -nodding..eyes flickering with a wicked desire..torn deep from the abyss of His midnight soul..purring into a growl..slender well muscled arm flickering... long supple fingers..neatly tapered nails suddenly finding soft skin even on such a hard frame...curling around cheek and chin.. digging ever so slightly..eyes narrowing in concentration as a single bead of crimson finds its way over one curved digit -

Strange Girl: *licks her lips as she watches, amused indeed, and faintly hungry... remembering that she's yet to taste that particular treat* try not to make him bleed - it's a touch more temptation than I want to deal with.

Puppy: :: there was no flinch at the pain at first, simply a biting of his lip that was made very plainly obvious. Was it a sluttish enjoyment of his harsh treatment or a mere adaptation to the harm he was having inflicted on him ::

Inle: -eyes warm suddenly as He looks back over His shoulder..voice a low sensual purr-
mmmm Aye love....I won't make the boy bleed overmuch...

Puppy: :: silence still, as his muscles relaxed, allowing the male full ability to move him in any manner that he deemed nessecary, still however his eyes remained on the floor, and softly he did breathe ::

Strange Girl: Good...
*her gaze locks for a moment with Inle's... then moves over the kneeling form, drinking in the lovely, submissive pose*
...he is mine to bleed, no one else's. Puppy. Look up. I want to see your eyes... I want to see YOU.

Inle: -eyes flickering the bit of flesh... voice amused..and pleasant..almost whimsical as He looses His hold on the boy-
He seems rather facinated by the ground My dear...

Strange Girl: ...he does, doesn't he? *snickers softly* I'm sure he'll start paying attention soon, though. Won't you, pet?

Puppy:Yes Mistress...
:: voice soft in tone yet audible in volume, eyes moved from the floor to be placed upon the male where he asked in that still gentle tone ::
How may I please you, Sir?

Inle: -head tilting..voice pleasant still..only the shimmering darkness of His eyes hinting at anything but benign intent... His hand slipping up to gently brush the boys cheek-
Oh...Im still pondering see...My love has given Me so many choices...and I do so get such a thrill when she's happy.

Puppy: :: head tilted as well, almost matching his own yet not in ponderance, he enjoyed the touch he was receiving, and leaned himself into that very gentle caress, savoring it for a moment as his own little purr came out ::
Yes Sir. As do I... Sir

Strange Girl: *she stretches on the cushions, beckoning lazily with one hand*
...bring him a bit closer this way, love? You're too far away, I can't touch you when I want to... which is just tragic.

Inle: -looking back over His shoulder..and nodding...eyes flickering as gentle, slender fingers slip and ever so into the boys short hair... voice amused and lilting still-
Well...seems like My normal course isn't quite workable here... ahh well you know what they say..improvisation.....
-His arm flickering..neatly clawed fingers coming lighting quick around a well-muscled throat..the long nail of His thumb pressing to the boy's pulse as He shifts..turns..and pulls the boy slowly across the room..nearly dragging with much more strength then His small frame shows-

Strange Girl: *can't help grinning at that, quite aware of just what reaction the boy usually has when there's a hand around his throat*

Puppy: :: Eyes moved to the Lady for a moment, but they soon shut and he let out a little purr as that rough treatment was now dragging him across the floor, there was zero resistance to anything that he decided to do, legs underneath of his body, he quickly scampered to try and make the trip all the more easier to the suprisingly strength worthy Sir that was now in control ::

Strange Girl: *quickly scoots over a bit on the pile of cushions, just enough to leave room for another person, repositioning herself to watch with unusual intensity, enjoying every second of this*

Inle: -purring softly eyes darkening with desire....voice a low seductive whisper-
mmmmmm such a good little puppy... so..well behaved...
-gently lifting the boys chin with the back of one slender hand...bringing His own so very close..lips almost touching the boy's skin..scenting..purring... toungue flickering out..tasting the rough-textured flesh...then suddenly..and with definate purpose..capturing rough lips with His own softer flesh... drinking in the boy...toungue delving..taking without hesitation... purring deep in the back of His throat as He slowly pulls back..voice still a low whisper-
Mmm not nearly as good as you taste love...not even close...but he'll do.

Puppy: :: breathing became shortened, excited almost lust filled at every touch every movement of the man, he watched him intensely, focusing on discovering his true intent, eyes flickered shut then open again in rapid succession as he was sniffed like a lower ranking member of a wolf pack, when his lips were captured instant submission, those soft tiers parted and he accepted the males tongue inside of his hot mouth, off of his knees he did push upwards, compounding the force of the Male's lips with his own in a conglomerate of a fully fleshed kiss, his tongue savored with his own and hands gripped onto his own thights firmly as that soft sluttish almost feminine whimper escaped him, only to fall back down to a full kneel, with a light headed look about him ::

Strange Girl: *a low moan rises into a sudden gasp, her body trembling, for a moment curling in on itself slightly before she sprawls out once again, cheeks suddenly flushed, eyes bright with the rush of intense, unmistakable pleasure*
...thank him, pet...
*she rolls on her side, one hand slipping down between her legs to press against the now-tender, pulsing spot between her legs*

Puppy: thank you..Sir that was most lovely.
:: he smiled and looked away shyly ::

Inle: -eyes flickering ever so slightly..just a slight curving on nearly perfect He smiles head slightly tilted towards His love...dropping the boy..nails slightly scratching at his flesh as He drops back among the cushions into the spot so wonderfuly cleared for Him..shifting..and settling against her... savoring the musky scent of her arousal..hardening inside His loose silk dark..midnight orbs flicker and come to rest on the boy... voice low and purring...amused...dripping with desire... arms coming up over His head to curl about His love's flesh..gentle..soft..knowing...-
Mmmm... but we're not done yet you delightful toy.

Strange Girl: *she uncurls further only to coil around him as he hugs her, snuggling close... one gentle hand running over his back, a sweet, affectionate caress, gaze still fixed on the kneeling figure... intent, hungry*

Puppy:Yes Sir, I would only hope not Sir
:: he smiled and looked to the Man with blushing cheeks that could almost light the room with their crimson swelling, quickly he glanced back at the ground, the smile was erupting all over his features as he attempted to maintain silence, those eyes when they did ever so slightly look to the couple on the cushions, were mainly focused on the Male, as he was to be pleased in every way desired, to him right now, He was all that existed ::

Strange Girl: You're going to have to lose some of that clothing you know, love...
*she snickers, watching the flush spread over her pet's cheeks, savoring the sight*
...I'm sure the little slut would love to help you, anything to get at your cock a bit quicker, hmm?

Inle: -head tilting..eyes aglow...wicked..and amused...oh so amused..voice a simple low purring lilt-
yes...I do belive you're right, love... why dont you get that out while he gets these rather uncomfortable shoes off My feet..Ive been standing in them far far to long.

Strange Girl: *a broad grin answers this suggestion, hands shifting, fingers quickly slipping beneath the waistband of Inle's pants with obvious ease... and drawing out the hard length with a decidedly satisfied purr*
...seems reasonable...

Puppy:Yes Sir.
:: falling forward he crawled towards the male rather than walked, making sure that his eyes remained fixed on his figure the entire way, Ice Blue eyes that seemed normally to contain cold emotionless logic were filled with a fire, a lust that would only be quenched with one thing, gently bellying out in front of the male, hands moved quickly, and labored to unfasten and then slowly remove each shoe with very prescise care ::

Inle: -purring softly...toes writhing slightly a low purring sigh escaping at the familiar touch on His hardened cock..and the easing of the stress on His over-used feet... one hand comming back to gently caress His love's cheek..voice low and still dripping with wry amusement..eyes darkening... bottomless pits of Midnight... as His hardenss swells oh so fully in her loving hand...-
Seems he does realy want this, dosn't the little toy...

Strange Girl: *almost hungrily, her gaze shifts now... no longer paying any attention to the crouching boy, eyes running over the cock she holds... stroking it slightly as she nuzzles against the hand on her cheek* should have heard...

Inle: oh?
-eyes flickering back to her own...caressing softly still-

Strange Girl: ...should have heard him begging for it. He's really quite the cock-hungry whore, even if he fights long and hard to keep from admitting it at times... *she smirks* ...hell, if you weren't going to let him suck it, he'd be thrilled just to be allowed to lick up your cum after you fucked me.

Inle: -grinning a soft feral grin at His love's cruel words-
Something for next time I rather think, love.

Puppy: :: he too focuses on the cock that she now holds, bending back so that he may settle his ass upon his ankles, leaving him infront of the two of them for appraisal, to either be looked upon, or not. It wasnt his business, for he was simply owned property, property that did in fact lick his lips at the words presented ::

Inle: well is now however...
-looking back to the boy..eyes darkening yet further...nearly shadowing His face as His bangs dip low..and voice drops into a deep seductive purr-
lets not keep the little toy waiting... come here boy.

Puppy:Yes Sir.
:: swallowing slightly, a mixture of excitement, and nervousness he approaches the cushions yet is very very careful not to actually touch them without permission, now close enough to touch either of them with but a lean in the proper direction, his head lifts upwards and he smiles while speaking ::
yes Sir?

Inle:-looking back to His love..voice low..loving..dark-
mmm lower your hand a bit would you love? give him a little flesh to work with..something to start with.

Strange Girl: *her fingers shift along the length of the cock, sliding down toward the base, leaving several inches of flesh exposed at the head as she nods*
That should be enough for him to begin with... but first, I think there's something missing. After all, he's asked ME to be allowed to suck cock, but he's not asked YOU yet.

Inle: -head tilting..voice soft..thoughtful-
mmmm I do belive you're right love...good point there...
-looking back to the boy..obviously waiting-

Puppy:Sir, would you please allow this dirty little slut the privledge of sucking your cock? It would be most enjoyed and appreciated...
:: he made sure to look right at the Male and to his Mistress as he said it, eyes every now and then dropping to the sight of the cock that he was but moments away from sucking ::

Strange Girl: *shivers with pleasure, her hand tightening slightly, purring... voice barely a murmur*
...yep, still love listening to that.

Inle:-frowning slightly-
Is that the best you can do? pathetic..-eyes darkening- why should I let you? My love here does such a gods wonderful job with it..and she savors every moment..would you? hmmm? the least you could do is ask properly...

Puppy:Yes Sir, every inch of flesh every parse of taste every moment of lust would be the very crux of my existance Sir, I beg that you give me such a chance to not only savor, but to let it become my world for this moment, and however brief you might determine it, you *are* my world Sir, please let me show you!
:: his voice amuck in purrs, in slutty moans and desires, his hands softly stroke his own thighs, lips were parted just enough so that he could lick his lips, satiating temporarily the desire he was feeling inside ::

Strange Girl: *writhes against Inle, breathless for a moment, again enjoying the words, the sounds... knowing full well what was going through the mind of the kneeling, begging slut*

Inle: -eyes darkening further as He nods..voice low..comanding... .warm silk over cold steel-
Much love has always been god with the head..taking such care in My pleasure... lets see if you can even give a fraction of that... show Me what you have in you, little toy. Just the head mind further, not... -purs softly- yet.

:: gently his palms were placed on the floor under him, to acquire firm ground as he bent down slowly, not touching it at all with any part other than his mouth. wet lips parted and were fattend with a heated pucker pressed onto the skin of the head with a delightedly gentle kiss that soon his lips were solidly fixed around, it was now that he let out a moan, not just one of joy, but one of thanks, for being allowed this, lips sealed just under the head of His cock now and a soft sucking yet oddly massagingly motion began as his cheeks caved in..and then out, with each soft kissing motion his strong tongue was used to swipe across the top of His head ::

Strange Girl: *her fingers move now, running lightly over the shaft, one finger occasionally pressing against the tight-wrapped lips, teasingly offering to slide inward beside the cock, only to pull back and continue the gentle stroking*

Inle: -purring softly..voice low and husky as the boy pleasures His cock...fingers tangling with His loves familiar..delightful flesh..shifting-
mmmm hes not half bad at this love...I wonder overmuch if hes done it before....
-savoring the dual sensations of a familiar soft wamr hand..and the boy's suckling hot mouth-

Strange Girl: If he's done it before it wasn't often... it's natural talent there, amazingly enough.
*she grins faintly, snuggling closer at the touch of his hands, letting them run familiarly over her body, enjoying the sensation*
But... if he doesn't do well enough this time... I'm sure he'd be thrilled to be allowed to practice it again in the future.

Puppy: :: leaning up just a bit, his head would start that quick bob up and down only on the head however, keeping his lips locked tight as he did so, only a matter of a few centimeters each time as his face pushed and pulled with his lips upon that beautiful head, this was only coupled with the massaging action that his caving cheeks provided, eyes kept shut his moans kept to lusty vibrations as the gently obscene slurping noises were made from his mouth ::

Inle: -laughing softly and nuzzling..kissing His love's slender hand slipping run through short kempt hair... nails lightly dragging..pushing the boy's mouth further down over His cock..matching the strokes of His love's hand, hips arching slightly... growling softly..savoring the sensations...delighted in the deepening aroused scent from His love...growling soft purrs... obviously pleased-

Puppy: :: his pleasure drove him onward, at the slightest suggestion he relaxed further and his wet lips slid down the shaft of his thickend cock letting it push untill it reached the back of his mouth every time, just taunting his throat with the head before he met his Mistress's hand stroking that shaft, his cheeks in a constant state of being caved in for lips were not coming unsealed, breathing came labored through his nose, his own body erupting with violently aroused goosebumps as his head could be seen slipping up and down, faster each time his Mistress's fist smacked against his lips ::

Strange Girl: *her own purring grows in volume, body once more writhing, arousal building as her hand moves faster, guiding the pace... knowing that by doing so she is forcing the boy to speed his efforts as well... not allowing him even that much control*

Inle: -eyes darkening as His nails dig in ever so slightly forcing the boy's hot naturally-talented mouth down over His cock again and again... hips arching..fucking the hot mouth His love as given for His hand curled into her the other uses the boy like the slutty little toy he is, thrusting..harder..faster...deeper... but allowing his love her own pleasure..letting her hand control the the boy's mouth as well...purring now..deep...dark eyes aglow with midnight lust-

Puppy: :: it appears that is what he truely wanted now, as the hand was set on his head, fully reminding him of his place he moaned, sending vibrations to reverberate through his long thick shaft, his head quicked the pace and his lips squeezed the cock in his mouth tighter than a man would hug his true love, his face was flushed red with effort, he was up high on his knees now, twisted his head as it would rise up, dragging his lips behind, and slamming down,letting just a bare inch or so slip into his throat ::

Strange Girl: *crooks her fingers enough to let the nails drag across puckered lips, guiding the cock to a better angle as she sees the first bulge in the boy's throat, urging him to take it deeper... making sure that every thrust of her lover's hips drives it unerringly into that tight throat, purring nonstop, her body tensing yet again with cresting pleasure at the sight of his flushed, breathless face*

Inle: -swelling slightly..eyes opening for a moment befor slitting into dark..smoldering lines... nails digging... pulling the boy forcefully off His cock...saliva spattering the now quickly pumping fingers below...His own hand gentle as it removes hers from His cock..voice a low..dark growling command-
I want to hear you beg for the taste of Me boy...for My seed pumping down your throat...My love is who it is meant for...beg for it..and maybe she will let you have it just this once from I'm in a very giving mood

Puppy: :: his head snapped up, a little bit of his drool dripping down his chin, a deep breath savored, there was that post cock sucking look on his face, on his lips mostly as they were parted wide, he looked at him and in a breathy voice begged ::
Please Sir, give this slut a taste of what a true Male is, let him be a good slut and know that he pleased you Sir, please I beg to drink your cum as if it were water from the fountain of youth, I promise..not a drop will go unsavored, unappreciated or unswallowed.

Inle: -hand slowly slipping around His cock..sliding up and down with tight deliberate strokes..beads of precuum slipping down the head and pooling about His fingers-

Puppy:Yes Sir, please....give it to this slut Sir.

Inle: -heated..dark eyes looking to His love...head tilting...questioning, hand still pumping up and down, voice low-
Would you like to see that, My love?

Strange Girl: *her words tumble out between breaths, the hand that had been wrapped around his cock back between her legs, eyes glittering as she looks from her boy to her lover and back*
You know I would... I want to watch while he gulps down every drop of your cum, I want to see him licking his lips afterward, looking like the greedy, filthy whore he is.

Inle: -laying back..resting His head on His love's thigh..hand slipping from His cock...eyes darkening with lust as He growls out a slow deliberate command.....every syllable echoing in the boy's ear-
Make Me cum, boy...and don't miss even a drop...

Puppy:Yes Sir!
:: his right hand reaches down and grasps ahold of his cock, index finger and thumb applying the most pressure at the point just underneath the head of that beautiful shaft where very quick and very firm short jutting pumps were made, hand moved with rapidity and ferver, feeling the skin between his grip for any sign of extra hardening or sign that he was going to cum, his mouth hovered just an inch above where he stroked, waiting with anticipation for his coaxing to pay off ::

Inle: -growling softly shuddering..eues closing as nails curl about His love's flesh...feeling Himself swelling..and bursting forth... muscles tightening...a torent of thick..musky release filling the boy's mouth-

Strange Girl: *licks her lips as she watches, knowing quite well what the taste of that is like... and finding an astonishing amount of pleasure in watching her slut gulp it down*

Inle: -breathing low in His throat..and thrusting forward as he finishes releasing..nails digging into the boy's scalp as He growls in pleasure-

Puppy: :: feeling the Man's cock harden just a slight bit more he knows its coming, eyes shut as he starts to suck HARD on that head, but as the cum enters his mouth, as that sticky pops against the roof of his mouth his eyes go wide as silver dollars, he looks right up at his Mistress wide eyed like a confused puppy, and then that throat works, his esophogas buckles and makes the swallowing motion as the cum starts to drip down his throat, he lets out a very soft purr, leaving the cock in his mouth for a good number of seconds, ensuring it is entirely drained for him to swallow, which he does..greedily ::

Inle:-chuckling softly..still writhing slightly in pleasure..nails lightly raking His love's skin as the boy finishes up...voice low and purring..almost a delighted growl-
Mmmmm not bad, love...he does suck a decent cock after all....nowhere near your level of skill....but...impressively good at taking a cock.

Strange Girl: *her eyes meet his... then close as he swallows, curling tighter around Inle as she shudders, yet another small orgasm ripping through her, lost in the simple, unmistakable knowledge of what just happened... her voice is little more than a throaty purr*
...he does his best... and for a pathetic little scrap you must admit, his best is fairly good.
*glances, as her eyes open, down at the boy once more*
...yes, pet. You did well.

Inle: mm yes..not bad at all love..
-eyes aglow with wicked dark delight-
mmmm though..if you're up to it....I'd like to..discuss this just you and I love...
-fingers sliding over familiar...loved..curves-

Puppy: :: as he pulls his mouth off of the Man's cock, and leans back to kneel upon his ankles, a final swallow was given, he looked at his Mistress, and then the Man, purring softly as he spoke out, ever submissive in tone ::
Thank you Mistress, and Sir.

Inle: -nods..eyes darker still-
You did well boy...and more than pleased My love.

Strange Girl: *her eyes sparkle, once more wide open now, her attention swiftly turning back to Inle as his hands slide over her body, a swift nod most of her answer*
...I would... enjoy... such a discussion, love.

Puppy: That is my job Sir, Mistress shall I be dismissed?

Strange Girl: *absent nod* Yes, boy. Go.

Puppy: Thank you Mistress. Pleasent evening Mistress, and Sir.

Puppy has left the room.

Inle: mmmm not bad no? -grins softly-

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