Degenerative... whee, what a lovely word.
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Tomorrow is Cate's birthday - if anyone out there feels like stopping by Dixon Household in the evening, there will be cake, and if you get the chance please call or email her and say happy birthday, definitely. *grin* Feel free to fill the answering machine if you don't get a person, yes.

There was indeed A Result from the spine tests. I have degenerative spine disease, it's only in the base of my spine, as long as I lose a bit of weight and watch my diet, hopefully it won't get worse. If it does, yep, shots to the spine. For now, I'm trying a new painmed and about to start taking glucosamine; the painmed is an every-twelve-hours that I've never heard of, the other is something that is supposed to help with arthritis and joint problems.

I'm at Dixon Household still, using Deborah's computer for a moment. We may be over here for a while longer, may just head home soon, I've no real idea... yes, the doctor gave me 30 vicodin in addition to the new med and as we went from the doctor's office to Safeway to do shopping for Dixon House, then over here so I could cook dinner, I've been on my feet a LOT today, and took the vicodin. This has left me a bit loopy and pretty not-quite-aware.

Puppy, please call; I want to talk, and... erm... well, remember how we'd set up the thing to let walgreens use your card? It hadn't gone away and the scrips I picked up today apparently charged to it, not to Deborah's card. We didn't realize right away and she doesn't want to go back and yeah. Erm. It wasn't cheap. Yes, I feel mildly guilty about not letting you know first, particularly with the troubles you'd had with money earlier this week. Also yes, I'm likely going to be getting off on that same fact later tonight. *purrs softly* You have NO idea how much amusement this gives me, even while for your sake I wished I'd caught it in the store.

It's weird; I suspect I'll be posting a story, or at least part of one, in briar-h later on tonight. I can't resist writing about this, I haven't written any erotica lately and something about this which I am NOT going into here has me actually giddy. Feels so odd, watching my head and my hormones wander off together instead of going at cross purposes as they had been doing for a while. Good, but odd.

Going away now, got stuff to do.

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